Saturday, October 10, 2015

South Loop Drive – the first time

Cold, Windy, and Rainwhat more can I say

Quick Vaughn update – his surgery was yesterday and they did 5 by-passes. We stopped to see him today but he won’t remember it. His color is really good and the doctor is really pleased with how well he is doing. We are planning to head out on Monday.

Although the weather was not cooperating – 55 mph wind gust and rain and cold – we decided to take the 32 mile loop drive through the South Unit of the park. We didn’t expect to see many animals and certainly not many other cars. But we were lucky and got to see a few animals and lots of other cars. We weren’t the only idiots out there.

Because it was so overcast my pictures definitely aren’t winners but this is a coyote wandering through prairie dog town looking for dinner.


The wind and rain really did a number on the leaves.


This are is also called the Badlands (as well as those in Makoshika) but these hills have weathered and rounded and are not as rocky as those in Makoshika.


I love the many colors that are found here. There are also coal veins that are burning so you can often see smoke.




  1. Your sky looks like ours here in Indiana.

  2. With winds that high there is no way we would be heading anyplace. Relax for a few days and let the weather pass you by.

  3. Such interesting scenery, enjoy the area and stay out of the high winds.

  4. Winds are the bane of our RV travels. You made the most of a not too perfect day, though. Amazing scenery despite the clouds.


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