Saturday, October 3, 2015

Sidney, MT

High 79  Low 50

After our stop in Intake we headed down to my hometown. I was born and raised in Sidney and my Dad ran the town either as Mayor or as Public Works Director until he was 80. In fact he was Sidney’s youngest and oldest Mayor. This was his pride and joy.

However, he wouldn’t recognize the place today. The Bakken Oil field has spread to Sidney which is only about 40 miles from Williston, ND.

When I lived in Sidney, the population was about 5000 people. I have no idea how many live there now because most of them are oil field workers and live in RV’s or FEMA like trailers.

The smaller house is where I grew up. The big house on the right was my grandparents’ home.


Sidney now has EIGHT motels. That is just incredible to me. I really wonder what will happen to those motels in the next five years. The Bakken has already shut down 63% of their oil rigs because of the surplus of oil. That means many people have left the area or are unemployed.

Reynolds is a grocery store that was in Sidney when I was little. We lived only a block from the store and Mom used to send me up to get groceries for her. They have since built this huge new store in the last five years.


Also new in this mini mall attached to the grocery store.


Jim and Todd lived in this house in Sidney while I lived in Kalispell and Billings because I couldn’t find a job in Sidney. We wanted to be near my folks when they got older but things didn’t work out so Jim and Todd moved to Billings to be with me.


DSCN1079 Todd loves the cookies from the bakery in Sidney. Sad to say, but the bakery is gone. The good news is that Reynolds bought out the bakery and still make their smile cookies. We bought a couple of cookies to enjoy and to give Todd a bad time because he wasn’t going to get one.

We also stopped by Gem City Motors where Jim worked but there was only one person left at the dealership that he worked with. Most of the others either retired or went to work for the oil field.

It’s really strange how I no longer feel any attachment to the town. I spent 18 years of my life there but have no desire to spend any more time in Sidney. My parents are buried there and we visited the gravesite. Hard to believe they have been gone so long already. Sure do miss them.



  1. Time does move on and changes take place. We go back usually once a year to my old stomping grounds except for this year. It's been a long time ago and nothing is the same. However, I still love it there or maybe it's the memories.

  2. Wow, a surplus of oil? Cute town. I lived in my city for almost 30 years and have not interest in going back either. The populations has grown so insanely. It only vaguely looks the same. Always nice to go back though, just for old times sake.

  3. What a neat post, Sandie. I do remember several of the facts you mentioned above. I find it so interesting about your dad being the youngest and oldest mayor. What an honor!
    The cookies look so yummy! Poor Todd.

  4. You forgot to mention that the town named something after your Dad.

  5. Good to read of your "going back." Alway interesting to return to pastt memories. You two be well!

  6. Going back to where you grew up is often bittersweet.

  7. It's still home in our hearts even when we barely recognize it now.

  8. That is a lovely gravestone. You can take comfort that they both lived long lives.

  9. That is a lovely gravestone. You can take comfort that they both lived long lives.

  10. Having been on the move all my life, I agree with the expression that you cannot go home again. You can visit the physical places you have lived but they will never be home again.

  11. Always nice to take a trips down memory lane and amazing how things have changed so much over the years.


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