Monday, June 3, 2013

The Shed and a Couple of Roadside Attractions

Santa Fe, NM  High 81  Low 52

Desert Diva – we’ve added the Second Street Brewery to our list for the next time we come through here.

We did take time out of sight seeing to have some lunch. We decided Santa Fe would be a great place to try some Mexican food. Using the reviews from Yelp, we decided to go to The Shed. It was a great choice.


It sits back off the street.


I love all the bright colors everywhere.


Jim had chicken enchiladas – blue corn tortillas with the red chili sauce. Delicious but spicy. I had my usual tacos with no cheese and salsa. They warn you that their chili is very spicy.


We did see a couple of strange things – I just don’t understand why people do or build these things. But they are fun to find.

How about some dinosaurs?



Or a place to display your treasures.


It’s really time for us to leave Santa Fe, especially since we are in Colorado. I’m just behind on posting.


  1. Those were definitely strange sites. I'm guessing some people want the comments and the blogs. Oh well ... you won't see anything like that at our place.

  2. When you see so much it's not hard to get behind on the postings. I'm enjoying your ramblings.

  3. We ate at that exact place. We had outstanding food, too.

  4. We really love to visit those out of the way places and neat restaurants, so we will add The Shed to our list of places to see. Have fun out there.

  5. I did a double take at your headline since, to me, The Shed is in Mississippi. Glad you found a different one you liked.

    Love the dinosaur breaking out of the building.

  6. Mexican is our favorite food to eat out! The Shed sounds like fun!

    Enjoy Colorado! Can't wait to hear about what you are doing!

  7. The Mexican dish looks okay, but perhaps a bit more melted cheese...

  8. Is that a dashboard or a display cabinet? Only a dinosaur knows for sure... ;c)

  9. I love the dinosaur crashing out of the building!

  10. I dunno - that plate of food looks disgusting to me !! LOL


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