Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Route Plans

Cheyenne, WY  High 92  Low 55

I had to laugh at a couple of the comments yesterday especially Rod's. Seems I haven’t been really clear about where we’re headed.

The trip west on I-80 was simply a sight seeing jaunt. We are headed north on I-25. Rod, the slight detour east to Brush was deliberate. I do not feel comfortable with big cities and traffic at any time but especially when we’re towing. Therefore, I will add a few miles to the journey to avoid them. You really do get to see some pretty country that way. And we aren’t in any big hurry.

We are currently headed to Billings, MT. We will be there on Friday. Hopefully, (road construction issues) we’ll be able to get to our son’s house and park in his drive way. We’ll celebrate Father’s Day, Todd’s birthday and Michaela’s birthday while we’re there. On Tuesday I have a doctor’s appointment. I’m going to see if there’s any possibility of having the screws in my ankle removed.

On Wednesday or Thursday we will move over to Helena, MT and we’ll be there for about two months. Jim will be walleye fishing. Those are the plans for now. During that time, you won’t be seeing a whole lot of posts from me.


  1. We don't like traveling through big cities either!

    What a nice way to spend Father's Day...enjoy your family.

  2. If you're ever in Cheyenne, WY at the right time, "Cheyenne Frontier Days" is lots of fun. Parades, free pancake breakfasts, and of course the rodeo.


  3. We avoid cities as much as possible too. Have a great trip and enjoy your time at home with family. :)

  4. Zigging and zagging is the best way to see a lot of neat stuff.

  5. Well, you're almost there. It's just a few more miles down the road for you. I don't like the big cities either. We try to go through places like Los Angeles and Houston on Sunday mornings.

  6. I really liked Helena when I was there last year. It's small enough to be comfortable in.

  7. I hope they will remove the screws. I remember they made footwear challenging for you.

  8. So the end of this tour is near? Enjoy your stay in Montana. Hope it ain't startin' snowin' again.

  9. Thank goodness...I now know where you will be for awhile.


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