Monday, June 24, 2013

Journey to Helena

Billings, MT  High 82  Low 56

Todd has Friday’s off so we took him to lunch at the Burger Dive. I needed a burger fix and Todd hadn’t been there. We came home very happy campers.


The weatherman said there was a 90% chance of showers for Saturday. We figured we’d stay put and head out on Sunday. Got up Saturday to beautiful, sunny skies. Jim still had a couple of things to get done so we headed out of town about 2:00.

This is what the skies looked like when we left. And the wind was really blowing.



We drove out of the storm and had nice weather til we got to Livingston and the winds picked up again. The wind always blows in Livingston – always. We took a short break in Livingston to give Jim’s hands and arms a rest and then started up Bozeman Pass.


Montana is so incredibly green this year. They have had lots of rain and it is beautiful.


Hopefully it will continue to rain occasionally so we don’t dry out and burn up like last year.


Another storm was headed towards us so we spent the night in the parking lot of Wheat Montana (about 65 miles from Helena). We were joined by a motorhome and several semi’s. We rocked through the rain and wind and all was calm when we went to bed.

Headed out the next morning and are now settled into our spot in Helena for the next two months. Jim can hardly wait to go fishing.


  1. It's so nice to be settled for a while, especially after driving through bad weather. I'm glad you made it safely and can relax. I haven't been to Montana, but it looks beautiful. :)

  2. It really is green! Sort of like CA after a good rainy season, but only a short while until it turns brown. Glad you are able to settle for a while, and in beautiful Helena!

  3. Livingston and Bozeman are my favorite towns in Montana. I haven't been to either, recently, but I remember walking in the evenings in Bozeman. Such pleasant walks we had. And, Livingston…can't you look down the main street right at nearby mountains? I don't think I've mixed the place up. We picked up sandwiches in a little restaruant/cafe on the left side facing the mountains…and what laughs we had in that place. I'll never forget it.

    The short time I was in Montana in 2010, I ran into snow going up to Big Hole and Wisdom. I loved how cool it was. Hugs to S&S!

  4. What a great have diner with your son. Glad he liked your choice of restaurant.

    I am sure it feels good to be back home for awhile.

  5. Guess it's time to be a fishing widow again. ;)

  6. I had my first experience with western winds in WY last year. Was driving along and next thing I knew, I was clear over in the other lane headed for an oncoming semi. It was all I could do to get back in time - made a believe out of me.

  7. Beautiful sky photos. Great picture of Todd, looks like Jim.

  8. Yikes, those are serious storm clouds. I hope you have a wonderful stay in Montana!

  9. Well I'm not hoping for rain where I am 'cause that's all we've been getting !! And I'm really needing SUN !

  10. Jim's fishing will be interesting, one hand holding the pole, the other hand holding on for dear life from all the wind. ;c)

  11. It's always nice to be settled for a while. I like being on the road and I like not being on the road. A little bit of both works.

  12. We may wonder over to the Helena area this summer--Mike says your blogs about Helena make him want to go check out things he should have all ready known about as he is a native Montanan!

  13. I'm hoping to go on that Gates of the Mountain boat ride north of Helena this year.

  14. Jeeeeez I really really liked Montana... the big sky ...

    oooh a burger fix at Burger Dive... what else is there... and your baby boy! ;)

  15. Looks like beautiful country. What a nice camping spot


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