Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Colorado Prisons Museum

Canon City, Co  High 84  Low  54


prison museum


Jim and I decided we wanted to “do some time” in this cell house that was the original Women’s Correctional Facility constructed in 1935.


The following is from their website:

Exhibits at the Museum cover over 140 years of history, depicting prison life from early Territorial Prison days forward.

P1030581The cell house has 2 floors, the upper level with 30 inmate cells, hallway, office space, and gift shop, while the lower level houses the dining room, archival storage (former trustee sleep area), general purpose room, original kitchen, isolation cells, Federal Prison Display, and laundry room.

Confiscated weapons.



Each cell on the upper level tells a story of some phase of life behind walls and bars. Exhibits inlcude the office furnishings used by Warden Roy Best, and documentation on the Prison Riots of 1929 and 1947.

The kitchen.


The laundry.


The Old Gray Mare – used for flogging.


Other exhibits feature infamous inmates such as Alfred Packer (convicted of cannibalism), Antone Woode ( a twelve-year old convicted of murder), working and living conditions, punishments, and assorted other topics. All of the artifacts and exhibits depict lives of inmates and guards as they lived and worked in the Colorado Prisons.


Definitely lots of interesting stories about the inmates. We could have spent several hours there just reading the all the articles.

Prison personnel pose in 1876. Each uniform hat was labeled with the guard's title. The hats above read, TURNKEY, OVERSEER, CELL HOUSE, and CAPTAIN.  The Warden stands second from left in the derby hat.

prison 1

This was a great museum but the tour we took in Rawlings, WY at the Old Federal Prison was more interesting because of the tour guide.


And for Judy  -   The End


  1. What a nasty looking place - but, thanks for the tour, it was interesting. Nice END shot.

  2. I don't think I've ever taken a tour of a prison. The "Old Gray Mare" was especially creepy...

  3. Another interesting place to visit for sure.

  4. Very interesting - good photos to tell the story. Sad, too, to think of all the people who ended up there.

  5. It's the stories that make these places fascinating to me whether it be told by a guide or posted on a wall. Thanks for sharing the story of your visit.

  6. How interesting of you to give Judy the Gas Chamber. I thought you were friends! ;c)

  7. Interesting but ew ... hahaaa Judy the gas chamber? ... Sandie!

  8. We have never visited a prison. After reading this blog. I think it would be rather interesting.

    Love the end photo.

  9. It sounds like a very interesting place to visit, but would be horrible being locked up there.

  10. If you get the chance, you should drive Skyline Drive which is just NW from the old prison. You get an interesting mostly single lane drive with great views and dinosaur tracks! It is worth the time.

  11. Fascinating tour. Had to laugh that Jim wanted to fish from the gondola. He would probably rather be fishing than touring museums, but you have found some great ones. We've never seen deer in a campground, must be really neat. So glad you guys are having such a good time and back on the road.

  12. Give me a ride on my Harley any day over visiting a prison ! With my 'rambunctious' youth it's a wonder I didn't end up in one of them !! LOL


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