Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Pueblo Riverwalk

Pueblo, CO  High 94  Low 57

The Arkansas Riverwalk of Pueblo returned the Arkansas River to its historic location in the heart of downtown after being diverted in the 1920s due to a flood that destroyed much of Pueblo.

We took a gondola ride. Jim, of course, wanted to know if the fishing was any good.



P1030615The Arkansas River has been the lifeblood of Pueblo for over 300 years. Native Americans followed the river for hunting and trapping. Early settlers came as sheepherders and cattlemen. Agriculture blossomed in Pueblo’s warmer climate and the steel industry used the bountiful water resources to build a massive manufacturing center.


Four nations have claimed ownership over the Arkansas River at the current location of the Riverwalk; Mexico, Spain, France and the Republic of Texas.


P1030630My question was – why is it called the Arkansas River when it starts in Colorado. It was originally called the Riviere des Ark by the early French Explorers. Early Spanish explorers called it the Rio Napestie. Eventually it became known as the Arkansas from the Quapaw who lived and hunted along it’s bank. It means “south wind”.

We had lunch at Rosario’s Italian restaurant. Very good. In fact, we’re having the leftovers for dinner tonight.


For those of you who have been to San Antonio’s Riverwalk, this one is much smaller but still a very enjoyable way to spend an afternoon.




  1. It's so great to see you out and about and visiting new places. I'm really enjoying your travelogue.

  2. So where is the picture of Jim's catch?

  3. Another wonderful tour! I enjoy riverwalks of all types.

  4. Jim is certainly a dyed-in-the-wool fisherman! How was the gondola ride? It looks very tippable to me.

  5. I'm surprised that Jim didn't sneak a line over during the gondola ride. Doesn't he have one of those pocket fishing rods? ;c)

  6. That river walk looks a lot like the one in Oklahoma City:) Looks like a fun time.

  7. You are certainly on a roll ... this is the third one tonight. However, that river walk looks amazing.

  8. We stayed one night in Pueblo which I skipped right over in the blog. We walked part of this lovely riverwalk but I didn't have my camera. Didn't see the gondolas.

  9. I'd love to go on a gondola ride.

  10. I almost got to San Antonio River Walk, but didn't make it. Have walked along the Animas and the Truckee. They have walkways/paths not quite as pretty, but pleasant walks.

  11. I'm with Judy, great to see you guys traveling again. Thanks for the restaurant tip.


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