Sunday, February 20, 2011


schnepf_logo_082607_1_001 We’re always looking for cheap entertainment (especially with the gas prices lately) and my sister found an ad for the Peach Blossom festival at Schnepf Farm. The admission price was perfect – free.

Schnepf Farm is a working farm that has also become a tourist attraction in Queen Creek, AZ.

IMG_0351 They offer a lot of family friendly activities including train rides, hayrides, a petting zoo, and a small group of carnival rides for the kids. Since we were there on a week day, there weren’t very many children (except a few young ones) so none of the rides were running. Probably a good thing because I’m not sure we could have kept Jim and Don off of them.

IMG_0349 We did take the train ride ($2 per person) through the orchards but I was disappointed because there is no narrative on the ride. You just ride through the trees with no explanation of how things are done.

IMG_0361 I didn’t know that they flooded the peach trees but here in the desert the trees need lots of water. They love the sunshine however and thrive in this climate.

peach blossoms The blossoms were not very big yet so I borrowed a picture from their website of the beautiful peach blossoms.

IMG_0346 They also offer food, of course. Jim really enjoyed his warm peace cinnamon roll. The rest of us opted for peach pie which was excellent.

dininggrovesm After leaving the farm we also stopped at the Queen Creek Olive Mill. We thought we might take the tour of the mill but we decided not to the spend the money. All of the olive oil they had for sale was quite expensive and I am not an olive oil aficionado so I couldn’t tell the difference between most of the oils we sampled. I also do not like olives. So no tour and no purchases for us.


  1. That sounds fun! We'll have to remember both of those places the next time we're in the area. See ya soon!

  2. We feel the same way. We don't go on tours of things we don't eat. However, CHOCOLATE, that's for us.

  3. Too bad about no narrative on the train ride. I always enjoy learning about new things. I think I would have taken the olive tour. :)

  4. Jeeze, You guys don't stop a minute !! LOL


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