Thursday, February 3, 2011


A few people have asked if we keep the fish that Jim catches or if it's catch and release. The answer is: it depends. (Don't you just love those kinds of answers.)

Jim loves to catch fish - any kind of fish. But he doesn't like to eat all types of fish. He will keep walleye, small mouth bass, large mouth bass and crappie (actually pronounced croppie). He catches a lot of blue gill which we don't eat. Anything we don't eat he throws back. If the ones we like to eat are too small, he throws them back so they can grow up.

Also, if he catches only one fish that we like to eat, he'll throw that back because it isn't worth it to bring it home. We don't have a live well in the boat here in Arizona which makes it hard to keep the fish fresh while he's fishing. Hopefully, we can get him a live well before too long.

Keep or release - it all depends.


  1. What about salmon? What about halibut?

  2. Depends on where you are from. In New York they call them crappies, and in Minnesota they call them croppies. :)

  3. Ya, Betcha he doesn't catch any COD !!


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