Saturday, February 5, 2011


Back in Apache Junction we have been doing laundry, more laundry, and more laundry. We’ve also been sweeping and vacuuming and dusting and then doing it all over again to try and get rid of some of the sand and dirt from three weeks of boon docking. (Even with all the work that comes afterwards, I still love being out there in the desert.)

We stopped at Blue Beacon and had the outside of the coach washed. For $35 they sure do a great job of getting the desert off the rig.

Took time to visit with my Aunt Happy and my sister. And then the cold weather set in. It’s really hard to work up any enthusiasm for doing very much when it is so cold.

IMG_0294 Jim got one day of fishing in before it got so cold and we took a drive up the Apache Trail.




IMG_0257 The Apache Trail was a stagecoach route that ran through the Superstition Mountains. It was named after the Apache Indians who originally used this trail to move through the mountains.


IMG_0291This historic road covers some of the most rugged terrain in Arizona. The Trail winds steeply through 40 miles of rugged desert mountains, past Canyon and Apache lakes. The land surrounding the road rises steeply to the north to form the Four Peaks Wilderness Area and to the south to form the Superstition Wilderness Area.

IMG_0262 The narrow, winding road is unpaved from just east of Tortilla Flat to Roosevelt Dam.




IMG_0258 There are steep cliff drops and little in the way of safety barriers. The trail requires caution when driving and it is not recommended for large vehicles. In fact, this 40 miles took us 3 hours to cover because the road is definitely not in good condition. Most of the time you can only drive about 25 mph and a lot of the road you are down to 10 mph. But absolutely beautiful scenery.

IMG_0261 A couple of years ago I posted about our trip to Goldfield Ghost Town, The Lost Dutchman Museum, Canyon Lake and Tortilla Flat. The road had been washed out so we didn’t venture any further on that journey.


IMG_0275 This post will show pictures of the area past Tortilla Flat up to Apache Lake.




IMG_0282 From Apache Lake we continued on another 12 miles of unpaved, often one lane road, to Roosevelt Dam and Lake, and then to Globe and back to Apache Junction on the paved road.


IMG_0284There is a campground at the north end of Apache Lake – Burnt Corral. It was really a nice campground, right on the lake and beautiful sites. But there is no way I would try and take our motor home into it on that road. Maybe if we had a pickup and camper. Jim said the fishing would have to be spectacular in Apache Lake before he would even be willing to take the boat over that road.

IMG_0301  Had lunch at Hog Haven in Globe which serves really good BBQ but I go for the fries.


There are also some really nice campgrounds around Roosevelt Lake and we plan on taking the motor home up there for a week. We’re going on the paved road up through Globe this time.


  1. Just catching up on blog reading. You look like you have been having more great adventures and fun with friends. Some beautiful scenery photos! Hope to one day get to experience Quartzite.

    Ha ha ha - just read the letters I have to type for your 'word veritifcation' beerabs - I wonder what 'beer abs' might look like - maybe I need to start drinking beer to get good abs?

  2. Did they open the road from Tortilla Flat? It was closed when we were there. However, we had ventured down it a couple years ago. What a road it was then!!

  3. It's been many years since I've taken the Apache Trail, and it looks like no improvements have been made since then. :)

  4. 3 weeks of boondocking? I can't even imagine that...3 days is a stretch for me ~ LOL!

    Looks like you've warmed back up into the 70's now, I'm jealous! We're definitely planning on being someplace warmer next Winter.

  5. What beautiful pictures! Amazing scenery. I'm so jealous!! :-)

    Your furbabies are precious!

    Stay safe...

    Kerri in AL :-)

  6. I look forward to the day that we can check out the Apache Trail area. Maybe next fall/winter- we'll see.
    Meantime, I am jealous that you got to DO laundry. After weeks in the desert we arrived at my mother-in-laws, ready to get it all done, only to find out El Paso is having an emergency water ban. water can only be used for DRINKING. NOTHING else, not even bathing. The schools are even closed due to the water shortage (due mostly to frozen pipes and water mains)>

  7. Well it looks like that will NOT be a route I'll be taking on the bike !!

  8. What a wonderful blog. I love the pictures! It looks like a lovely drive. I am not sure I like the steep drop offs. Hope the weather gets nice and warm for you two.

  9. Thanks for taking us on the tour and great pics of the Apache Trail. We went on the trail a few years ago but never got beyond the paved road so it was great to see all your pictures of what lay beyond. Looks like we missed some pretty spectacular scenery.

  10. Love the dogs, what cute faces, also like the old Ford Car.


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