Saturday, February 12, 2011


IMG_0314 Isn’t it fun when you can reconnect with someone from your far distant pass? Meet Dianna. She and I went to elementary school together many, many years ago in Sidney, MT.

Our paths have crossed several times over the years, especially since I convinced her to go to work for the IRS where I worked. Then I moved to Washington, DC and she stayed in MT. She transferred to Alaska and then down to Phoenix and I returned to MT. I retired from the IRS while living in MT and hit the road. Dianna was living in Phoenix but transferred to Fargo, ND and she just retired this month. She still owns her home in Phoenix and decided to live down here for awhile.

She came over to dinner and we got caught up. She’s still in vacation mode instead of retirement life so hasn’t quite learned this slowing down process. But I’m working on her.


  1. How cool that you were able to reconnect again. :)

  2. Fun. I can understand. Hope to reconnect with two more this summer.

  3. That's a lot of moving around - great that you could meet in Phoenix.


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