Saturday, February 5, 2011


IMG_0246 After spending a wonderful two weeks in the desert at Yuma, we headed up to Quartzsite. Several of our group had already moved up there to enjoy the RV show and more fun with friends.

We were only going to spend about three days there and were able to meet up with Jan, Bill, Dave and Sherry again. They even agreed to boon dock for two nights. Jan and Bill’s battery died and they about froze to death the first night. It was only 38 degrees INSIDE their fiver. So the next day Jim let them use his trolling motor battery and they stayed nice and warm.

We were also able to deliver Steve and Carol’s chairs to them. They had forgotten them in Yuma and were parked just up the road from us. Got a wonderful, fresh loaf of bread just for delivering the chairs.

Denise (Sassy) and Bennie also moved up to Q and parked just down the road from us. She and Paul were able to take a couple of motorcycle rides together.

rvs Q is such a great experience. There are just no words to describe it. All those hundreds of thousands of RVers. Just amazing.

By this time, I was more than ready to have full hookups again. So we headed back to Apache Junction with a stop at the Blue Beacon to get the dust and dirt off the outside of the rig.

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  1. What's a trolling motor battery ? More stuff Jim gotta teach me I expect.
    Ya, Q was quite the experience and I'm already looking forward to going back there next year !


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