Wednesday, February 16, 2011


IMG_0318When you own an RV, things need to be fixed just like in a stix and bricks. The difference is that our home has wheels and we take it into the service shop rather than having them come to us to fix it. We needed some recall work on the propane tank done and Jim wanted to have our generator checked.

We dealt with Holiday RV in Mesa last year when we needed work done and were happy with them. So called them about this work. They have been bought out and are now Luxury RV, but Drew, the Service Manager, was still there. We made an appointment and took the rig in on Tuesday of last week.

We have found that that nothing gets done as rapidly as it should be done and we ended up spending the night at their facility. We had neighbors who had purchased a new, larger motor home and were trying to move all their stuff into it.

They were able to finish up the work on Wednesday which included new faucets in both the kitchen and the bathroom. We are now settled again in our spot at the Santa Fe RV Park.


  1. I hate repair work. It always seems there are more problems as a result of it than there were to begin with.

  2. We've spent a few night inside shop bays. I always say, "Once you draw the night shades the view is the same as if parked outdoors." One shop even had a light that mimicked the moon. :)

  3. We were lucky. We just had the end caps replaced on our large slide topper. He came to us. Didn't have to move this time.

  4. Glad to hear you got your rig fixed up even though it took a little longer than you figured.

  5. Sitting in the parking lot of an RV place as I read your post. Getting a bit of service work done myself tomorrow......hoping they won't find anything serious.

  6. This is the one part of our lifestyle I DO NOT LIKE! It makes me crazy that things can't get done on time. If I would have said when I was teaching, you all need to stay a few more hours until everyone understands how to do this, they would have went CRAZY! Why can some people do this? DRIVES ME NUTS!!


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