Tuesday, February 1, 2011


DSCN0297Doesn’t this look like a wonderful campfire? Well, it’s really not a campfire. Look at the next picture and you will see that we improvised because it was much too windy to have a regular fire. Thank goodness RVers know how to be creative.

DSCN0296This was the night our friends Judy and Gary arrived from Billings, MT. They had flown into Phoenix, rented a car and headed down to Yuma to check up on us and find out how much fun we were having without them.




DSCN0304 We had planned on a potluck that night, but the wind and cold changed our plans for us. So I fixed dinner for the four of us and then we went out to the “campfire” to visit for awhile.

Next year I hope Judy and Gary decide to join us in the desert. Hint, hint, hint!!!

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  1. It may have been windy, but I notice folks are still wearing shorts! :)


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