Friday, March 2, 2012


IMG_4166 Paul at Superstition Skies. We met Paul in 2008 at Escapade in Gillette, WY. He was our next door neighbor and we have remained best of friends. He usually spends a month here in the Phoenix area every winter so we get together quite often.


IMG_4182 Paul at Pinnacle Peak’s Steakhouse.

IMG_4183 Those are all ties hanging from the ceiling at Pinnacle Peak’s.

 IMG_4188 Remember these?



IMG_4194 Jim wearing his very expensive back brace.

pinnacle peak Pinnacle Peak.

The Peak is beautiful with a great trail but I can’t recommend the restaurant. They are supposed to be known for their steaks so that’s what we had. My $13 sirloin at Old Chicago the other night was just as good if not better. You also don’t get a view of the Peak from inside the restaurant. So we won’t be back.


  1. nice Peak! too bad the food wasn't good. I hate it when we go out to eat and the food isn't great. At least the company was good!
    Jim looks great! Glad he's doing so well!

  2. We've discovered not all steak restaurants cook good steaks. Most of the touristy little places you just cross your fingers at. Sometimes we all luck out and other times we just get to remember that we've been there, done that. Good times, good friends but not always good food. I love the pictures of the beautiful Arizona desert.

  3. That brace may be expensive but look at the wonderful way it is working. He looks super! Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Glad to see Jim is getting around great, hope you find a better steak next time. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  5. Beautiful pics. Love that pinnacle rock!

  6. Jim looks like he is getting around pretty good.

  7. I hate when a restaurant doesn't live up to its reputation. Make me wonder why it still has the reputation. It's good to see a smile on Jim's face as he gets out and about, though. I'm sure that makes you smile, too.

  8. So good to see Jim up and around. Hope he soon is fully recovered then the surgery and back brace will all be worth it!

  9. About that picture of all the old padlocks - Russ has a box of old keys that he keeps hanging onto. Maybe I can convince him he needs to send them to Pinnacle Peaks and let them try to match them up to the locks. Jim looks good - praying he continues to make good progress.

  10. I just hate when we go to a resturant and the food is bed or the service is lousy. Glad Jim is doing so good.

  11. Ahh! My brothers and I used to go rabbit hunting at Pinnacle Peak. At that time, the only thing there was the PPeak Patio itself. All else was rattlesnakes and dry washes. We were really out in the country, then, when we all lived in Scottsdale. Nice to see it again, even if the food was nuthin' special.


  12. We used to test restaurants by ordering Bloody Marys. If they could make a good drink usually the food was good. Now we judge by the coffee. I play it safe and order pasta or chicken.

    Great shot of the peak.

    Make it an awesome day.


  13. Too bad about the restaurant but at least the inside was kind of interesting looking. Great shots of the peak though.

  14. butterbean carpenterMarch 4, 2012 at 2:28 PM

    If the food isn't good or worth eating; SEND IT BACK
    MAKE'EM RECOOK YOUR ORDER OR DON'T PAY FOR IT!! You can do this, IF YOU DON'T EAT ALL OF IT!!! The management will get the message and make changes or go out of business!! It's probably just open in the

  15. How long will Jim have to wear the brace? We took a friend to the doctor the other day, they put her in a back brace, but it's more like a body brace. Looks so uncomfortable. Looks like a turtle shell. Poor thing.

  16. The place does look awesome - too bad about the food though.


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