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Did you know that today is National Pig Day? This event, which is celebrated on March 1, was started in 1972 by two sisters, Ellen Stanley and Mary Lynn Rave. According to Mary Lynn, the purpose of National Pig Day is “to accord the pig its rightful, though generally unrecognized place as one of man’s most intellectual and domesticated animals.”

In case you need something to do today, here are some ideas for you.

Make pig tails by cutting a pink circle around and around toward the middle and then taping it onto the back of your pants.
Make a pig ear head band.

Make pig snouts to wear out of empty toilet tissue rolls.

Make a 3 Little Pigs scene out of straw, craft sticks, etc.

Make pigs out of pink clay.

Have the children make pink thumbprints on a piece of paper and then make the prints into pigs.

Cut pig shapes out of pink construction paper and let the kids add some brown finger paint (mud).

And how are you going to celebrate this wonderful holiday?


  1. This is a holiday? Maybe we'll just take the day off and let it go at that.

  2. Oh my goodness, I didn't know!! This is my day. Pig jokes run rampant in this family and normally I am the butt of those jokes (all in good fun)!! I had quite a collection of pigs until I started de-cluttering; now I wish I had kept them. This all started with a luau in our backyard and a pig in the bathtub!!! Yes, there's a story there but not sure I am brave enough to blog about it!!

  3. butterbean carpenterMarch 1, 2012 at 1:19 PM

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  4. I will try very hard to NOT remember those awful pigtails my mom used to do my hair in when I was a kid. How I hated them! I looked like such a dork.

  5. Bacon sounds good right about now! HEHE

  6. We had green chile pork stew... the pigs probably wouldn't approve, but I'll tell you... it sure was good. Oh yes, I read Donna K's post... THAT video had me rolling around like a pig in s... (slop?)..... Pig day, eh? Who'd a thought it?

  7. Huh. I missed an opportunity to pin a pig tail on before going to Perkins for lunch. Oh, well.

  8. If I had the time, I would have spent the day seeing if I could get a pig to fly...

  9. Second blog I've read today about National Pig Day. Who knew??

  10. happy national pig day to everyone!!!

  11. Oh my...there is a holiday for everything. I think they should all be spent enjoying the rv life!

    1. Well, I don't like pigs at all so.....blah!

  12. We are having ham and scalloped potato casserole for dinner tonight. Happy Pig Day to All!


  13. Didn't tell you this before, but we had a pig stable (with all kind of pigs) back in Norwway. We love the little ones right after they are born - their eyes are blue and they are cuuute!

  14. Pinnacle still looks the same.....I even started walking up the path with my cane when we were there a year ago....not a good idea as we were sitting too long and didn't have the hips and knees stretched out...I thought the hambergers there were good when we went with u two..but I was so tired...and couldn't eat. (which is really unusual) But I'd liked to have seen pics of the bahtroom!!!! Ha Ha Real cute!! Jim, the brace is really not all that becoming...but U R looking very good for what you've been through. Sandie, where R U again? Oh I know, behind the camera.

  15. Just toooo cute!

    My great aunt and uncle were pig farmers. I can never forget the stench of the pig barns when they opened them up after a long winter...ewwwwwww

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard


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