Tuesday, March 6, 2012



Jan told us about Greasewood Flats after we went to the Desert Bar outside of Parker. Saturday Jim and I decided we really needed to get out of the house and a hamburger sounded so good.

IMG_4201 Greasewood Flats is only about a mile from Pinnacle Peak and is much easier to get to than the Desert Bar. The road is paved.

During the Arizona Territory days, Reata Pass was on an old stagecoach stop along a dust-filled, rocky trail that wandered often steeply uphill northeast from Phoenix and on to connect Fort McDowell on the Verde River and Prescott. Crossing the McDowell Mountains in those days was no easy task as the climb took its toll on the passengers and horses.

IMG_4202 Travelers were treated to a hearty meal and cool drink while the horses were being watered, A knee-high foundation of boulders and mortar supported a wooden one-room stage station built in 1882. Portions of the adobe walls and old stone foundation still exist, making Reata Pass the most authentic "cowboy" restaurant in the Valley. The old jailhouse across the road is original and was used elsewhere in the 1880's to hold Indian prisoners.

greasewood1 The 120 year old bunkhouse is currently where the bar and kitchen are located. Dollar bills, signed by patrons, hang from the ceiling. No indoor seating. You go in, order your burger and libation and take it back outside to sit at a picnic table.


IMG_4209 Jim ordered a BLT and it was excellent. My burger was wonderful and just what I was craving.

We had a good time and it would be a lot of fun to go back there with a group of friends.


IMG_4205 Hey Kid – didn’t know you had started your own business. LOL

We came back home via the backroads and through Fountain Hills. Sure some pretty scenery up that way.



And then as we got close to home – one of my favorite views of all. The Superstitions



  1. Sounds like another winner. The food looked better than that at the Desert Bar. :)

  2. Enjoyed the post and pictures as we have never been their before. Sure would like to see the area and try one of those burgers someday.

  3. Think we would like the place and the burgers looked pretty good also.

  4. looks like a fun place for lunch. Hope to see you, mabe next week.

  5. We'll have to put that on our list for next year. It probably did you both good to get on the road a little again too. Great photos!!

  6. Great food at Greasewood Flats...it was so windy there the last time we went, we couldn't have a fire, but still a good time. Glad you enjoyed it!

  7. OKay...on our list when we get there. Maybe the four of us should just go up there one day and enjoy the scenery! BLT sounds great to me! Enjoy your week. ~wheresweaver

  8. I would have enjoyed that lots more than what I did today. Looks to me like lots of fun.

  9. A Burger sounds mighty good! Unfortunately I'm not supposed to eat red meat any more. Oh well, maybe someday!

  10. nice view out the windshield today!..and lunch looked yummy too!!

  11. Lived 5 years in Phoenix area, never even heard of Greasewood Flats. We did go to Pinnacle Peak, though, and yes, the Superstition Mountains are a delight!

  12. But do they serve cheese with your burger? That alone might keep me from the Desert Bar... ;c)

  13. Great looking lunch. I often wonder how much money is just hanging around on that roof and whether it tempts any potential burglars!

  14. Nothing better than a good burger! Looks like a fun place to go.


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