Sunday, March 11, 2012



I knew that Rod was in Apache Junction from following his blog and last Tuesday morning Jim and I finally tracked him down. We also got to meet Loyce and Biscuit. We had a bunch of errands to run so we just visited for a few minutes.

I forgot to take a picture of Biscuit so I just kind of took this one from their blog. Such a cutie.


We invited Rod and Loyce to join us at Superstition Skies on Wednesday night and they were actually brave enough to show up. You just never know how crazy we might get. Dianna and Dottie also joined us and we had a great visit and some more good food. I think we can look forward to Rod and Loyce joining us for more good times at the Skies.

Rod and Loyce are having a winter home built out here in Apache Junction (or is it actually in Mesa?) and are hoping it will be ready for them when they come back down later this year. They are getting ready to head back to Kansas and grandbabies around the 20th of March. Check out Rod’s blog to see how beautiful it’s going to be.

Hopefully we’ll get to see them again before they leave the area. Thanks you guys. We had a great time visiting with you.

Rod took this picture of us with my camera and thinks I should post it. I really don’t like pictures of me in the blog but here goes anyhow.

This one’s for you, Rod.



  1. Great you got to meet Rod & Loyce, He is on our list too for a meeting, Rod and I are both Navy Vets so I am sure we will have a lot in common.Hope your week goes fine. Be safe out there, Sam & Donna..

  2. Now I'm following you! Thanks for posting on my blog. It is great to meet other Montana owners. We're looking forward to hooking up with even more at the Northeast Rally in June in Lancaster, PA. :)

  3. Sounds like a good time - and GREAT photo of you! :)

  4. Superstition Skies should start giving you a commission for all the folks you introduce to that place. Sounds like you're still having a great time going there. Enjoy!!

  5. another great meet and greet!.your list is getting longer and longer everyday!

  6. Have no fear, my dear. The pic is lovely :) Live the dream.

  7. Well I kind of thought it was a good picture of you folks, but then I took it so I was biased....LOL

    We had a good time and really enjoyed meeting you folks over at Skies!!!

  8. It gets "tricky" when folks don't want their picture taken. In my case it's my wife. She just doesn't want to go there.
    I always have to be careful, if I want to keep on living.
    I sneak one in once in a while if I can get away with it.
    You're all a fine looking bunch!

  9. How great to meet Rod and Loyce - a couple of our all-time favourite RV'ers. Thanks for getting a picture of Rod, too!

  10. Meeting fellow bloggers is such fun!


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