Tuesday, March 20, 2012


IMG_4270 Now this is one beautiful big mouth bass. Needless to say, this was a keeper. Jim also had another nice size bass but for some reason we didn’t get a picture of it before it became filets.

He’s been having a great time going fishing and all of a sudden lots of the guys in the park have decided that they might want to go with him. For fishing purposes he only wants to take out one other guy, so we may have to put up a sign up sheet. A lot of the guys are getting ready to head out but have already told him that they want to fish next fall when we get here. Works for me.

Apache Junction got almost an inch and a 1/4 of rain this week-end but the sun is shining today. Still chilly out there though.

We are headed out today. We are going to the Good Sam Rally over in west Phoenix at the racetrack. This afternoon we are going to Vee Quiva Casino where we’ll spend the night. That way we don’t have to fight all the rush hour traffic in the morning. We have four other couples who will be heading up from the Casa Grand area who will be joining us Wednesday morning. We’ll all go to the Rally together so we can park together.

We are going to be boondocking and the battery on my computer is shot, so I’m not sure how much posting I will be doing. I’ve also had the slowest internet connection later and I’ve had a lot of trouble commenting on blogs. But I am reading them when I can pull them up. Hopefully as people head north, that will ease the useage of the internet and I’ll have better connections.

When Jim’s not fishing I keep him busy with other projects.


The girls got new toys. Scooter disappeared with hers.


Be safe.


  1. Nice to see Jim happily fishing again, and also fixing stuff around the house.

    Don't you just love dogs that enjoy toys? So funny that Scooter hid away with hers. Sometimes, even though Katie is a "single," she still hides her chew toys sometimes. Not for long, though. :)

    Have fun at the Good Sam Rally, I look forward to hearing about it.

  2. Looks like battery time, don't know what kind of laptop you have but my Dell needed a battery and I found one brand new on the net for 38 dollars, the highest I found was 89 dollars, so there is a big price difference out there.Just Go to Bing and type in the type of laptop and battery and see what you get. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  3. Boy, Jim sure catches the good ones. Nothing better than fresh fish. I used to love to fish (and crab) when I was young, but haven't been in many years. So good to see him up and happy.

    As far as toys, I buy Jack things and he hides them. He forgets for a while where; then months later he'll bark for me to come in a room and he shows me what his nose tells him. Sure enough, in a shoe, in the bowels of the couch cushions, under a bed--you name it, he hides it.

    Do you get the pups the same toys? Do they share? They are such cute pups. My brother-in-law had a Doxie that he absolutely adored. I think he was a miniature. Must be nice not to have to contend with dog hair. Jack sheds for 10 dogs.

  4. When a guy is catching fish every other guy wants to go with you.

  5. Back to normal. This is good. I suspect Jim had missed the fishing while laid up.
    I've had the battery problem. Frustrating. Had to go with a new one. Not sure why some of them give up the ghost like that.
    Enjoy your rally.

  6. Hooray! For a while there I thought Jim was only a fisherman in his dreams. :)

    Does that mean Jim made the new toys for the girls? Didn't know he knew how to sew. LOL

  7. sounds like Jim is being a fishing guide!!..good for him!!

  8. After two unsuccessful fishing expeditions with my grandsons, I need to sign up with Jim to see what I'm doing wrong.

    PS: I'm not going to show this post to the grandboys, they'll start expecting real performance from me!!!

  9. We have a couple of friends at the rally too. Connie and Kenny are there. Maybe you will see them. We are coming up Friday to look at the vendors.
    Glad Jim is catching your supper. That was a biggie! ~wheresweaver

  10. Glad to see that catching has caught up with the fishing...... And just when I left town too.. Rod

  11. That is a beautiful bass!! I know my father would have loved to pull that one in. He was an avid fisherman and loved fishing for bass.

  12. So glad Jim's fishing has been successful. Have fun at the rally!

  13. The last leg before going home, I mean North?
    Some dogs just love toys. Molly doesn't know what to do with them. She's strange that way.

  14. There's something fishy about this post...heehee
    I resubscribed to Good Sam's, but have never done a Samboree. So I hope you post about it.
    Love the toys, well, actually, I love to see the dogs with their new toys, although Scooter scooted away with hers!

  15. I'm gonna have to take up fishing as I'm in yet another 'fishing' campground for a week. LOL


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