Monday, October 10, 2011


On Saturday we had visitors. (Which you all know is a highlight for me.) Mark and Lauree  were camped at Cedar City in their daughter’s driveway enjoying their new grandbaby. Cedar City is about 35 miles up the road so they drove down to our house.


They aren’t full-timers, yet. Mark is ready but Lauree isn’t quite sure about giving up the house. I know a lot of you out there can relate to how she is feeling.

They are also quite a bit younger than Jim and I. In fact, Lauree’s folks are younger than Jim. Of course, I had to rub it in a little bit. She is the same age as Jim’s oldest son. Even with the generation gap, we had the best visit. We were their first full-timers and got to share lots of good information with them.

panda express I also got to take them to my favorite restaurant, Panda Express.







Be sure to check out Mark’s blog. You will fall in love with Sarge and also with Mark’s sense of humor.


  1. Always fun to meet fellow bloggers. Are you sure those two have a GRAND baby?? LOL!! Glad you had a good time.

  2. Other than RV'ing in Mexico, I'm pretty sure we would have a lot in common with Mark and Lauree!

  3. Oh, we are going to miss Panda Express and In n' Out. Soon enough though.

  4. Glad you're having a great time and getting to visit while sightseeing. They sure look young to be thinking of fulltiming!

  5. always great to meet fellow bloggers..going to have to check out there blog now..some new reading material..what's one more blog!!

  6. Sounds like a nice visit, I am getting use to being the old guy im the.crowd ;(

  7. I{m sure they learned a lot from you guys!

  8. Great to meet other bloggers, we always grab at the chance. even if it's here at the Weeb Ranch. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  9. Always good to meet other RVers and bloggers.

    We have Panda Express at home but I am going to miss In N Out burgers. We get one last chance in the Dallas area.

  10. Sounds like you had a great visit. I just joined as a follower of your friends a few days ago! What a coincidence!

  11. Happy for you but how lucky for them to meet up with you. I'm sure they went away with a lot of great information. Checking out their blog now.

  12. Hey Sandie and Jim,
    Just found this post. Have not had internet much.

    Was fun reading about ourselves, that's a new one.
    Also all the nice comments. Even the funny one from Keven and Ruth. I know why they say that. Do you?

    I like the comments about us being young looking. Lauree Grinned real big. I just did not want to wait until I was 65 to retire like my dad. Instead I retired 5 years ago this month.

    Still working on Lauree about fulltiming. lol. Gently. Once she reads all these nice comments might help.

    Will be sure to catch up and see you guys and other fulltimers soon.
    Trying to go Snow Skiing with our Son and New Daughter-in-Law Jan or Feb. So not sure Quartzite will pan out this year. But you never know.

    Your Friends
    Mark and Lauree


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