Thursday, October 13, 2011


Hobbea made the following comment on my blog about Best Friends Animal Society:

Hi Jim and Sandy. Like your input from the shelter. It is making you sad and you would like to take home all of them.
But - if it comes to reality- it is not so easy to adopt a pet. I don't know if Peter talked about our experience to get another dog after our dear Boomer died. They did not accept people who live permanently in a motorhome. The rules ask for a permanent address, a fenced yard and that they can come to check out your household to see if the dog fits in. I went and asked several shelters. Same thing. They were terribly sorry - but the rules....We were really p.... off. Even the ones that had advertisement saying:" Help me - my time is running out!" (means on death row). We didn't get a dog their either. You see, I am still angry!
3 years later.

Well, that just put my back up to think that those of us who live in RV’s couldn’t provide a good home for a pet. So I immediately shot off an e-mail to Best Friends asking them if I could still adopt an animal if I lived full-time in an RV. The following is their reply:

Yes you would it would depend on the animals needs to find the right fit, but we have lots of homes that RV and have adopted.  Just fill out an application when you are ready.  Thanks!  Kristi


Kristi Littrell, Adoption Manager

Best Friends Animal Society

Phone: (435)644-2001 ext. 4223


That response makes me feel a whole lot better. So don’t give up. There are so many special friends out there waiting for a forever home. Thanks Bea for bringing this up.


  1. Several years ago I was frowned upon by someone with cats for adoption at an adoption fair because I said I wanted a cat that would be a good mouser. Meaning that I intended to let it go outside. She told me they would only place a cat if it was to be indoors only.

    Better a mouse than euthanized.

    I did get a cat, but it was from someone who had found a litter of feral kittens. He was a good mouser! (Wen he wasn't sleeping at the end of my bed.)

  2. When will I learn to proof before I publish! That should have read "better a mousER than euthanized."

  3. glad to hear about Best Friends being so much more open with regards to adoption rules!!!

  4. Now that that's cleared up hopefully it will come some folks an idea that they really can give a pet a home.

  5. When we went to adopt our new kitten, after losing our baby, we found the same thing.

    We would have had to sit through an interview with the 5 board members to determine IF we were suitable, and our living in an Rv would be an issue.

    I understood why they do that, but it ticked me off since we've saved more animals than I can even remember. I was always fussy about who I gave my rescues too as well.

    I was in too fragile of a state then (and even now) to go through that. We found a lady who had 7 kittens and 2 mother cats that she had rescued. She was more than happy to give us a kitten and we were still helping save a needy kitten. So now we have out little devil cat, Baxter Fuzz-Butt

  6. I always stay clear of those adoption places that have far too many critiques involved in their adoption process. The whole point is to find homes for the animals...and I believe the potential owners know better whether they can handle the pet they are looking at more than the adoption places do. But that is just my take on it!

  7. Maybe when applying to adopt we should print out some of the blogs of RV owners and their pets first so those who have to choose us have a reference point for something that is unfamiliar to them.

  8. With a million fulltime RVers out there, you would think they would be more understanding. Glad you found a place that was.

    When I think how much my dog loved RVing, it seems a terrible tragedy to kill a dog rather than allow them this joy.

  9. Thank you for sharing this. I'm glad that you still continue your plan to have a pet adoption , please support the ADOPT don't BUY campaign. Thank you for helping the pets community.


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