Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I’m still having some computer and blogger issues but it’s getting better.
This is our spot in Apache Junction. Plenty of room for Jim’s boat which is our main concern. His other boat is parked in our neighbor’s carport. They won’t be here until just before Thanksgiving which gives us some time to try and get it sold.
It’s been really warm here down here. We are expecting a “cool” down this week-end – only in the low 90’s. I will be really glad to see the temperatures in the 80’s. But I’d rather have the heat than the cold and snow.
Because of the weather, we aren’t doing too much. Jim’s been working on the other boat to get it ready to sell. He had to install the snaps for the skirt on the front of the fiver. Then he had to get his Tonto Pass so he can go fishing. I had thought maybe he’d get to go fishing today but not yet. Maybe tomorrow or Thursday.
IMG_3523 Jan and Bill rescued us from our RV on Sunday. There was a Wild Western Festival in Glendale and they asked us to join them. We went in the morning when it was a little bit cooler. Great cowboy performers. Music, trick roping, trained horse, cowboy movie stars.
IMG_3519 Doesn’t this guy look just like Gabby Hayes? For you young uns – that would be the guy on the right.
IMG_3522 It’s definitely dragonfly mating season. They were everywhere and having a great time.

There were also Peacocks everywhere. But do you think I could find one with it’s tail open – no such luck. The above picture is of a little one with Mom off to the right. The following is a better picture of Mom with the little one hiding behind her.

IMG_3527 We had a wonderful time until it just got too hot to stand out in the sun any longer. And lunch sounded really good. Grabbed lunch at Cactus Jack’s Cantina and made a quick stop in Cabelas. Thanks for the fun day you guys.

I took a short video of some of the entertainment.


  1. The guy on the left looks like Harry Morgan. Nice boyfriends ya got thar. Fun times - too bad it's so hot.

  2. Gabby Hayes? Who in the world is that? It must before my time!! Well, temperatures here are certainly not in the 90's and we're glad for that. Stay cool.

  3. I'm sorry! Those dancing woman are sad, really sad. Glad you had fun.

    I am trying to send a little cooler weather your way but it'll probably be warm by the time it gets there.

    Me too, who is Gabby Hayes?

  4. I remember Gabby Hayes! There must be an awful lot of young ones out on the roads these days! :)

  5. I had trouble getting past the part about having two boats.
    Two boats?

    A big one, a little one? One for every other day? Just wondering.

  6. Who was Gabby Hayes? He was Roy Rogers side-kick, that's who! Never heard of Roy?
    Gabby, I thought you hated all women.
    Nope, just the uppity ones.

  7. Yep Gabby Hayes, a Saturday Morning western regular.We must be getting old too. Mt wife might say I look like him. Hope your good weather holds out, 90 isn't bad when it's been a hundred for weeks at a time. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  8. I am with Bob, as a former boat owner, one of my nightmares was only two at once:)

  9. Hope it cools down soon. I'll be back in AZ for a little while in November. Wonder when Brant and Kerry start?

  10. So glad Jan and Bill are with you. Please send our best to them. Your place looks lovely! And the festival sounds like something Paul and I would love to attend. Enjoy the cooler weather.

  11. Hi Guys...thank you so much for your kind comments about my dad...they mean a lot to me. I so wanted to contact you on your trip down but just didn't know what was going to happen from one day to the next here. But definitely before you leave for the summer you much come up...I have another friend..she is on my sidebar..On the road again...that is going to be in AJ soon for the winter...

  12. nice entertainment..don't think they would make it on 'dancing with the stars?'

  13. I remember Gabby Hayes! I sure am liking that hot weather down in the southwest - sure hope it stays for a while!

  14. Yep, I remember Gabby Hayes and his squeaky voice as well. Some real nice day tripping scnenery east of Apache Junction and we enjoyed our time there about a year and a half ago. I like warm weather, not hot weather. But hot air is still preferrable to cold air for me.

  15. I HATE the cold - but I also can't function in that kinda heat.

    I would have loved that festival also.

    I'm also with Bob regarding TWO boats !!??

  16. You guys havin' real fun down there. The RV-gods might know whether we'll ever make it this year.

  17. Hope you have better luck selling your boat than we've had selling our house.

    I remember Gabby Hayes when he was a youngster. What does that make me? ;c)

  18. Yep, I had the same question as Bob "Two boats?" Don't remember reading about you picking up a second one. Good luck selling the other boat. Hope it goes quick.

    Kevin and Ruth


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