Wednesday, October 5, 2011


IMG_3222 When we left Zion the weather was turning to clouds and rain and wind. Yesterday, we got home before the storm rolled through.

Even with the weather I wanted to go to Quail Lake State Park on the way back to the campground. This is a beautiful park with a nice campground for boondocking. The problem for us is the water level is extremely low and the boat ramp is closed. Horrors – a closed boat ramp!!!!


IMG_3227 As we headed to the Red Cliffs Recreation Area the rain started pouring out of the skies. We decided to head home and wait out the storm.




IMG_3242 The storm passed quickly and back out we went. There is a campground at Red Cliffs but only if you can fit through these underpasses. This is the only way in or out.



The Red Cliffs are beautiful and if we had a smaller RV, the campground would be a fabulous place for peace and quiet and beauty. Here are a few pictures.





Saw this beautiful rainbow on our way back to camp.


This sign greets us as we drive into our RV park.



  1. I hope that underpass is marked way up the road to warn others not to travel if their rig is a tall one! And, love the grandparents sign.

  2. Those red cliffs are beautiful! Sorry that the lake is closed. We noticed that Utah doesn't have too much in the way of rivers or lakes, not like the pacific northwest, anyway.

  3. How beautiful! Think I'd just have to sit and stare. ~Liz

  4. Sheesh my fiver won't fit that one. have to really be alert to those. The East coast is terrible about 12 foot clearances.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  5. This certainly isn't the first time I've pitched a fit about the absolutely pitiful state of some of the roads in North America. There are far too many areas where the term "disgraceful" applies.

    The question that springs to mind is, "How much would it have cost to dig down that roadway another foot and a half?" That's all it would take. It's not like it's a big round preformed culvert or anything, or that there is any other possible way to get in.
    I just don't understand.

  6. We would just be able to make it through that underpass. I think we are 11'3". Love the area it looks gorgeous. Texas was having the same problem with the water level being low. We saw a number of boat ramps that had been closed.

    Kevin and Ruth

  7. Wow! Those red cliffs! I think you are having a great time!

  8. Those red cliffs are spectacular. What a wonderful sight.

    Perhaps that underpass was built before the era of big rigs and tall motor homes. Or maybe it would get flooded if it were any lower. Who knows! Sometimes it just doesn't work :((

    Great pictures.

  9. Our fiver is pretty low profile (11 ft 11 in) and only 30 ft but we would not fit under that bridge. Hope you find more open boat ramps! We were flooded out of Zion last December hard to believe the area has low water areas now.

  10. I love the picture of the trees along the water's edge. Good job.

  11. I have never see red cliffs before - I have heard of them.

    Your two pooches are adorable.

    And I have never met anyone who spells their name like I do.


  12. Gosh, what beautyful pics. We have never been to Zion. We thought of it once in 2008 but we were coming from I-15 and we heard that we won't be admitted up there with our rig.And down below, what's that towns name again, there was only one incredibly expensive RV-Resort, so we dropped it.

  13. I kept a 3x5 card attached to my sun visor, with 12'8" printed in large numbers. That's what my 5th wheel measured out to be, and I wouldn't have even thought about going under anything less than 13-1/2' I'm not sure that is even enough clearance to be on the safe side. Better safe than sorry.

  14. Wow, great photos. The colors are striking!

  15. love the red cliffs!..too bad about not being able to enter the park and experience the beauty!!!

  16. My son in Law works for Red Cliffs Accents. a place for troubled youth. he lives in those lives 8 days at a time hiking with the kids. He tells us stories about the beautiful wildlife they see.

  17. Amazing beautiful!!! Too bad about that underpass...we would never fit under there.

    Cool sign too... :=)

  18. GORGEOUS pictures. I especially like the on with the red mountains.
    That is a rather low bridge. We won't be taking our MH through there any time soon. Enjoy the ride.


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