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Several people had questions about double towing so I’m going to respond to them from my point of view.

I am not comfortable with the boat attached to the fifth wheel. Jim is very aware of this and he knows that I plan our trips with this in mind. Jim has always had trailers and boats of all sizes and he is totally comfortable driving. In fact, in Montana this is a very common sight especially during the summer. Most of the fisherman double tow.

You definitely cannot double tow in a lot of states especially not on either coast. We are very aware of the rules of each state and we know we can legally tow from Montana down through Idaho, Utah, Nevada and into Arizona. In 2009 we actually towed this way up to Sedalia, MO for Escapade and then back to Montana with no issues.

I am more comfortable staying in campgrounds rather than boondocking when we have the boat attached. I worry about leaving the boat because Jim has lots of fishing gear in the boat. So instead of a leisurely trip down to southern Utah we will be making a straight shot down the Interstate. I’ve found big rig campgrounds that we can fit in along the way so that we don’t have to unhitch the boat.

Unhitching the boat and parking it elsewhere is a pain (not hard – just a pain) especially if we’re only staying for a night. When we get to Utah hopefully the campground will have a place we can leave the boat for the two weeks we’re there.

One other thing – I will NOT drive when we are double towing. We are almost 72 feet long and that is not within my comfort zone.


Tonight we are at the fairgrounds in Spanish Fork, UT. It’s not as nice as the one in Blackfoot but it’s fine for the one night we’ll be here. We’re both exhausted tonight. I started out the day with a migraine (haven’t had one of those in months) and then I helped Jim drive every single mile from the passenger seat as we got through all the traffic and road construction through Salt Lake City. No pictures. Too busy helping drive.

But Skittlez wanted to share this one with you. She got a new harness.



  1. Love the little pink harness, Sandie. My Reagan is in need of a new mode of guidance. She chews EVERYTHING, though, so i am looking for something that won't tear. Your babies are a lot better behaved, I know, but I wonder how sturdy the fabric is. She has torn up a dozen or more chew toys, stuffed and otherwise, but the one that has not given way to her teeth is a red mesh one. She can't tear it at all. So, I have looked at these kinds of "vests". Do you have a review, or is it too soon?

  2. I wouldn't be comfortable double towing either.

  3. That sure makes for one long RV with the boat attached, that is for sure. I would like to double tow our Motorcycles, behind our Jeep, however I are unsure of all the rules and regulations in the various States we would have to go through... plus we would be about 73 feet long!

  4. I think double towing would be out of my comfort zone as well.
    Love that new harness....very nice!!

  5. That's as pretty long pull-thru site to handle a 72-foot rig! Why is it that Salt Lake City ALWAYS has construction and traffic? Do they finish one project and then start over again? :) Sorry to hear about your migraine. I get them once in a while, but usually I get the aura first and can hold off the actual migraine. Hope you feel better soon!

  6. Luckily for me, I've got nothing to tow behind our 5'er. It must mean having to be extra careful when turning corners, I imagine.

  7. thanks for explaining your 'double towing'..what ever works for the two of least Jim can go fishing when you get where you are going!!!

  8. We are just so happy that now the two of you can travel together.

    Nice pink bra Skittlez.

  9. WOW 72 feet is a lot of vehicle! I don't think I would want to drive that either. Nice that Jim feels comfortable in the drivers seat.

    Hope you feel better and get rid of the migraine. I know they are no fun.

    Skittlez looks dandy in her new harness.

  10. Good post, Sandie. I could not even ride in the truck on a triple without freaking out. Even towing a trailer behind the motorhome south this year has got me searching for pull-thrus that we won't have to unhook to get into. It's not that it can't be done. It's just that it would be a pain,

  11. Those are some pretty nifty cool pink threads Skittlez is wearing there.

  12. You can add New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma to your doubles list.

    Millie is jealous!

  13. We have seen a lot of these triple tows out west. I would have to have a lot of practice before I tried that for any great distance.

    More power to those that can do it without fretting!

  14. Yikes, 72 feet is too long for me! Sometimes I think our 28 feet is too long, but we enjoy being as manouverable as possible. One of the reasons we don't even tow our little car. Love Skittlez new harness.

  15. My but Skittlez is a looker! Love the color on her.
    I would NEVER tow that thing. WAY above my comfort zone. Of course, our 40 footer is above my comfort zone.

  16. How do you find places to stop for lunch? Even highway rest areas aren't designed for 72'! We like the RV parking at Cracker Barrel and Flying J but sometimes they aren't long enough for our 55' let alone your length.

  17. I (Sherry) certainly understand your reluctance to drive when double towing!! I don't even drive with just our 5er attached.

    And love the harness. I ordered these for out two dachshunds and they are at our son's house waiting on us to arrive this week.

    Be safe!!

  18. Skittlez , I really like your new harness. My pink harness is fading. I think I'll get one with a skull on it next time. Gotta keep up my image!

  19. That's one long rig! How do you get fuel? I would be a nervous wreck, glad you're taking it in stride!

    She looks so cute in her new pink harness.

  20. Howdy Dixons,

    When I was a 'long-haul' trucker I'd
    see something that looked like a 'snake' coming at me and it was usually a 'double-hook-up' wiggling
    down the road... I always expected
    one off them to unhitch and hit me
    head-on.. In California on 'old' hiway 101 THEY WERE GASOLINE TANKERS!!! NO DIVIDERS OR MEDIAN!!
    A friend got hit by a boat that came loose from a double-hook-up,
    the tongue came between the front
    passengers.. Totaled the boat and his car...

    Smooth roads & balmy breezes!!!

  21. I don't like to "trip" up either..we don't but our friends do. Have a nice time in will get to Arizona with perfect weather....they say our last 100° day today!!!

  22. I know what you mean about the migranes. But I get ocular migranes which means that one eye goes fuzzy almost to the point of not being able to see from that eye. I don't get them often but guess when I usually do......yep, right before a trip or something 'different'. lol

  23. Re. Double towing
    What I cannot grasp with that is how do you manage to travel long distances without ever having to back up a yard or two? We have put our car on a trailer in order to being able to back up, and I do back-ups every day. With a flat-towed car it would be impossible.

    Happy trails!

  24. We have our own version of double towing, and it's legal in all states. We tow the car behind the motorhome, and Suzy's Big Red mobility scooter sits on a lift behind the car.

  25. We did this is the 70's with my Dad and Mom when I was a teenager. Truck/TravelTrailer/Boat.

    We got lots of funny looks but it worked.

    Kinda like what I am doing now. Motorhome/CarDolly/Car,Motorcycle,2Bicycles.

    Just became a follower of your blog, enjoyed it so far.
    Mark and Lauree


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