Saturday, October 1, 2011



WE ARE HEADED SOUTH!!! How exciting is that! These are just a couple of pictures that I took along the way.

This is some big “holding back rock fence” just south of Dillon, MT.

. IMG_3106

This one is Clark Canyon Reservoir. Last year this lake was almost dry. Nice to see the water level back up.


Great roadside attraction in Idaho.


Fairgrounds in Blackfoot, ID. Great place to park. Water and electric for $15. Nobody else around, the girls get to run off leash, we don’t have to unhitch the boat. Just perfect.



  1. have a safe journey as you head south!!!..we will be riding along in the back trying hard to be 'good'!!

  2. Yippee!! You're on the road again and leaving Montana

  3. Great photos! So glad you guys are having a good time!

  4. Leaving Montana? Well yes, it's probably a good thing for an RVer to do, but leaving Montana in 1983 was one of the hardest things we ever had to do. We had settled in nine years earlier, expected to be there the rest of our lives when all of a sudden my job ended and the company sent me to Phoenix, AZ! You've had some great adventures, but when the nights get below freezing, it's time to go!

  5. Yay! You're on your way. We like to camp at fairgrounds. They are sometimes a mixed bag, but generally not a bad place to camp, especially for only a night or two.

  6. Yep, heading south, wish we were too. but it looks like another winter of snow plowing for me, maybe in the spring we will be able to head for Florida for a couple of weeks,hope you have a safe journey we will be following along with you. Sam & Donna..

  7. South! Lucky you. I wanna be heading south! This running the furnace all night and half the day is the pits! But the leaves are pretty. :)

  8. Great photos, liked the roadside attraction! Funny. So I'm wondering which states allow for double towing?

  9. Heading south. I'm jealous! Maybe next week for me???


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