Monday, October 24, 2011


IMG_3545 Jim made some more headway at making our fiver into his fishing cabin on wheels.

Jan and Bill presented us with this fish pillow when we spent last Sunday with them. It goes perfectly with out new couch. Thanks guys.


He got the new border on and I sure do like it better than the flowered stuff. I am not a flower/frilly type person.

IMG_3543 Here’s a picture of the before and after.

IMG_3544 This picture of the stove area really looks good.

He wanted a picture of the border and his boat.


Jim also got one of the outlets changed out so the new fish outlet covers will work.


And what were the girls doing during all this excitement? Such a tough job they have. They are definitely desert dogs.






  1. Yup, The girls are about as helpful as Bennie is !! Cracks me up every time I see them laying on their backs ! Bennie sometimes does the same thing.

    Can't wait to see you guys again and your new rig.

  2. A man has to do what he has to do. He's lucky you're "with the program" so to speak. Not sure I could get my wife out on a boat, but then again, maybe the boating part isn't your cup of tea either? You've never said if you too like to fish. (I somehow doubt it?)

  3. You've got a theme and you're sticking with it! :)

  4. Howdy Sandie & Jim & S&S,

    Those are the cutest pups!!! The mod
    looks great.. I'm like Sandie; I'm not a 'fru-fru' person, either..
    Give me some hosses or dogs and I'm happy; some fish too,also.. Have a
    wonderful winter season and straighten out the border problem, while you're @ it...

  5. LOL at those pups. That fish decor is way better than what Rich has in mind. He wants to put rod racks on the ceiling. Help.

  6. The border just cracks me up. Good job you two.
    The girls look so relaxed and at home.

  7. I don't fish much but I can relax and drink a beer while my buddies fish.The dogs look like they are in to a good old fashioned nap. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna....

  8. Looking pretty fishy there that's for sure!

  9. The girls look like life is hard!

    I don't know Sandie, with all the fishing decor if he starts measuring the fiver for pontoons, you may have to put your foot down lol!!

  10. The best I can say is I like the fish better than the frilly ones too. Enough said. (My Mom would be proud of me)

  11. I love it!! I've often thought about putting a new border in. Our's isn't frilly but it has no meaning either. So, if I ever figure out what our theme would be, we might do it too!

  12. The fishing cabin looks great - Jim must love it! The girls just crack me up! Glad they aren't spoiled!

  13. Love the pics of the girls. Typical for those wieners, I think.

  14. At the risk of offense where none is meant, a man's priorities are not well understood by many women. Jim's a lucky man!

  15. OMG, love the way the dogs relax, they are the cutest things!! Luci lays like that all the time too, it is so funny, Do all dachsunds lay on their backs like that??

  16. Nice looking border. Really starting to look like a fishing cabin on wheels!

  17. I think the girls are pretty stressed about all the work you've been doing and the lack of attention that they have been, it really shows in the pictures. Happy to hear things are moving along and that you are enjoying yourselves.

    Kevin and Ruth

  18. Those are great new touches for the cabin on wheels. :)

  19. I love the fish bordering - it looks just great!

    Your dogs are so funny! Don't you just love dog photos, they always look so cute. :)

  20. Your dogs have the right idea! Why work, when you can just relax!


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