Monday, October 31, 2011



We moved over to Distant Drums RV Park in Camp Verde, AZ this morning. We have 24 rigs here for our Rally. Starting at 4:00 is happy hour followed by dinner for the Chapter 45 Trailer Trash Rally. I’ll finish this up after we get home tonight.

IMG_3599 We had a fabulous time. Some of us actually even dressed in the spirit of things. We were all given an alias for the evening because what happens at the Trailer Trash Party stays there. And there are some things that I just can’t write about because we all might get arrested.

IMG_3601 Jim was Otis and I was Trixie Bell. Otis won a fish finder and I’ll post a picture of it later. I won a toothbrush. A very large toothbrush. IMG_3609


Had a great BBQ dinner with Moon Pies for dessert.

IMG_3612 Earlene was crowned Queen and Buford was crowned King.





A fun time was had by all.


  1. Miss Sandie, what is this that you would get arrested if you wrote about your activities??? Now we really want to hear what mischief you got yourselves into.

  2. What a cool time you had. So Vegas isn't the only place that can claim the saying...What goes on in Vegas stays in Vegas? Enjoy the rest of the rally!

  3. looks like it was a festive good time!!!

  4. Must have full disclosure, including video!!

  5. Looked like a great Halloween party!

  6. I am shocked and appalled by your behavior - NOT!!! Looks like a rollicking good time.

  7. Hey, Chapter 45! Our SKP Park had a dinner last night, and we sat next to a Chapter 45 couple named Hazel and Ed with one of those last names I would never attempt to pronounce or spell. They had just recently joined Chapter 45. We're trying to get them to join Chapter 21, since they are on the "Hot List" for a site here.

  8. Pink is definitely your colour! Maybe you should consider it for all the time.

  9. Nothing like a few Halloween hi-jinks!


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