Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Okay, it’s almost the end of 2010 and I’m almost two weeks behind on my blog posts. So I’m going to be trying to catch up in the next few posts. By the way, we’re still in Apache Junction.

DSCN0102 What a wonderful way to spend the Sunday before Christmas. A group of us headed over to Jeri and Terry’s and Jerry and Janice’s place for a barbeque. They were parked next to each other so we had lots of room to get set up.


DSCN0106 We brought our own steaks and whatever else we could find at the store that sounded good.

The group consisted of Eric and Karla, Jerry and Janice, Jim and I, Jeri and Terry, Paul, and Jeri’s cousin, Shelly.


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  1. That was a great time with great people. The best part is that we get to do it again in Yuma! Miss you already!


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