Wednesday, December 29, 2010


DSCN0116 Jim finally got a day of fishing. He went to Saguaro Lake and really had a great time.




DSCN0115 The motor on the boat gave him a little grief when he first started out but then it seemed to work just fine. He fished for several hours, caught some fish, and then headed back. When he got back to the dock there was a family there from Nebraska. The Mom was from here originally and she asked Jim if he’d give their two kids a ride up through the canyons. The kids were probably 14 and 11 and Jim said he’d be more than happy to give them a ride. They got up in the canyon and the motor quit on them.

DSCN0117 Jim used the trolling motor to get them back out into the lake and then a guy in a bass boat came by and towed them back to the dock.



DSCN0125 Jim and my brother-in-law, Don, were going fishing on Tuesday but that didn’t happen. The boat goes into the shop tomorrow and we’re hoping they won’t hold it hostage for too long.


  1. I miss the old picture of the dogs! The new one is nice, but I always looked forward to seeing those cute faces looking up when I went onto your blog!

  2. When I saw "Fishing" as the title, I knew Jim was in seventh heaven. Sorry to hear the boat isn't running now, but hopefully he'll soon be back on the lake.

    Something is wrong with your header photo.

  3. Congrats to Jim on catching the real fish. Sorry to hear about the motor though. I hope he doesn't have to fork over the new vehicle to get it out of hostage. He probably would you know. Boat motor vs. vehicle ? No brainer for Jim.

  4. I like the other picture of the girls too.

    Isn't it just the way. Take the kids for a boat ride and the engine quits.

  5. It's good to see Jim fishing again since we all know how much he loves it. Even a bad motor can't destroy a good day fishing. Hope it's a cheap fix, though.

  6. Sounds like a great ride for the kids...I'm sure they enjoyed it. Jim is so nice to everyone. Sure looking forward to seeing you in Yuma! Its rainy, snowy, icy, cold here in Benson today...hope you are staying warm and dry.


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