Sunday, December 5, 2010


I drug Jim out about 7:30 this morning to do some shopping with me. I’m trying to find something for my aunt. She loves jewelry and she loves pink.

IMG_8004 Do you know how hard it is to find clip on earrings anymore? We finally found her a bracelet that I think she’ll like. It’s gold – because she doesn’t like silver. And I ordered her a pair of gold and pearl earrings that I found on line. She really has very strong opinions about what she likes and doesn’t like. But I think I did pretty good. Now if I could just find her a pastel colored sweater preferably with some pink in it. I’ll keep looking.

IMG_7998 On our way home we saw a sign for a remote control airplane event. We certainly can’t pass that up. Jim had fun watching the planes and talking to some of the guys.

IMG_8001 I watched the planes and was ready to go home. This probably would be a good hobby for Jim to get involved with. Not sure where we could put the plane if he decided to get one.

DSCN0018 I’m hoping maybe tonight we can drive around and look at some Christmas lights.

These are the some of the lights in our RV Park.DSCN0023

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  1. Some of the parks in Mesa really go way out on lights at Christmas time.

    I'm interested in your plane. Tell us more about it.

  2. It's hard to believe Christmas lights are on already. Whatever happened to Thanksgiving?

  3. WOW, They really do go all out with the lights ! Lots here at Ocala Sun RV Park have lights also and I think it's so strange. Not cold, no snow and feels like summer. Hard to imagine it's December and Christmas around the corner.


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