Thursday, December 30, 2010


I anxiously awaited the phone call from Todd to tell me that Michaela had said yes to his marriage proposal.

My sister and I then took our presents over to our aunt’s apartment and she had so much fun opening them. She was pleased with what we got her. She’s not too hard to shop for which is unusual for an older person. She loves jewelry – dangly earrings and large gold bracelets. She also loves chocolate and pretty sweaters. (of course, I forgot to take any pictures while we were there.)

But she was having a problem with her phone. It wasn’t working and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. I took the phone with me for Jim to check out.

IMG_0003 After dropping my sister back at her house I went home to finish fixing the potatoes for Christmas dinner and gave Jim the phone to look at. Of course, it worked for him.

DSCN0129 Jim and I then had to go back to my aunt’s place with the phone where he figured out that the phone had been plugged into an outlet that was operated by a switch near the door. Yes, the switch had been turned off. He plugged the phone into a different outlet so it couldn’t be turned off and it works just fine now.

IMG_0005 Then over to my sister’s house. I told her that we needed to take Aunt Happy’s dinner back to her right away. Judy put together a couple of plates of food and back we went to her apartment. She was really excited about getting a home cooked meal rather than the food they serve at her place.

IMG_0007 Back we went to Judy’s house. Jim had picked up Paul and we were finally ready to sit down and relax and enjoy our Christmas dinner. Boy was it good. Time to go home and give the girls their Christmas dinner and take them for a walk.


  1. How did you get the guy on the bus up to the dinner table?

  2. Toni - Hee Hee. that's my brother-in-law and I forgot to take his picture Christmas day so I just used the one from when we rode the light rail.


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