Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Haven’t done a whole lot while Jim’s been gone. Did some laundry, cleaned the house, took the girls for walks, ran a few errands. Just the usual.

But yesterday was another new experience for me. Our friends, Mike and Sandy, who live in Roswell, NM own part of a horse that was entered in a race at Hobbs, NM. Mike calls to tell me about it and tells me that I can watch the race somewhere here in the Phoenix area on TV.

I certainly don’t have a clue as to how to watch a horse race from far away since we don’t have cable TV. However, there is this place over by Walmart here in Apache Junction that I had noticed said something about dog racing. I got online, called their number and found out that they would be showing the race.

Off I go. Not a clue as to what I’m going to find. It’s a huge place with lots of TVs all over. Not too many people there but the ones that were there are really serious. It’s really quiet. I waited until this guy threw his pencil down, cussed at the screen and didn’t seem to be too involved in watching another race before I went up to him and asked for help because I didn’t know what I was doing there. He told me that if I didn’t know what I was doing there I should go home. Thank goodness he was laughing when he said this.

I told him that I wanted to watch a race at the Zia Track. Race No. 5. He showed me the screen to watch and then told me how to place a bet. I placed my bet and went back in to watch the screen where the race was scheduled to be run in about 10 minutes.

By the way, those screens are way too small for people like me who don’t see that well. And the race only lasts a couple of minutes. I have watched the Kentucky Derby before but that’s the extent of my knowledge of horse racing.

My horse, No. 2, is named Cape Sable. And Cape Sable did not do a very good job of running. Didn’t finish in the top four so I didn’t win any money and went home. But now I can say I have actually bet on a horse. Some of those people looked like they were betting quite a bit of money and were not happy when they didn’t win.

Thank goodness gambling is not my thing.


  1. We used to go to a lot of horse races when the kids were babies. It was our outing and we really enjoyed it. However, we know longer know a thing about the horses today.

  2. Hi from Atlanta Ga. My Doxies, Max and Shatzie are sending Skitz and Scooter a Howdy Bark! My website is in Placeholder Status, but going to get started on it soon. My husband Doug and I are both retired. We have a PoP Up that we travel to a few Nascar Races. Not planning to do any long trips with the set-up tear down activities needed for a cross-country trip. Lot's of places to go within 300-400 mi radius of Atlanta to Set Up and stay a few days. Look forward to following your Blog. Cheers, Karen
    btw- Shatzi and Max are friends of SADIE.

  3. We went to a couple of horse races when they built Canterbury Downs in Minneapolis but we didn't know enough about what we were doing to make it worth the money we spent so we stopped going. It was quite the spectacle, though, to see the horse parading then racing.


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