Thursday, December 30, 2010


DSCN0143 SNOW in Apache Junction. I just cannot believe this is happening. The snow only lasted about two minutes and certainly didn’t stick to anything. But still, snow!


They are also saying this could be one of the coldest New Year’s Eves in Phoenix weather history. A good reason to stay home and stay warm.

Yesterday it rained and rained all day and most of the night and then the wind decided to blow. All of this before the snow hit. Today I did not leave the house. Jim took the boat in and had the brakes on the Avalanche taken care of.

IMG_0011 While I was sitting in the house staying warm and making turkey noodle soup for dinner, I spent a lot of the day watching this hummingbird. This bird is one of the most territorial birds I’ve seen. The ones in Washington State were pretty good at keeping other birds away from the feeder but this one really takes the cake. He does not let anybody else near the feeder and that includes us. He spends hours sitting on the feeder (which I find unusual) sometimes eating but most of the time keeping an eye out for other birds so he can run them off if they come too close. Really a great way to spend the day.


  1. What a contrast -- snow and hummingbirds! Who would have thought?

  2. Snow - another 4 letter word, like work, rush etc.


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