Friday, December 3, 2010


IMG_7984 These are the Superstition Mountains which I love.

Judy wanted me to post a few pictures of our site here in Apache Junction. So please enjoy.

santa fe We stayed at several RV parks in this area trying to find one that we felt comfortable in. We came into this park because it is Passport America. Most of the parks in Mesa (which is closer to my sister and my aunt) are huge resort type parks. Not what we are looking for.

DSCN0012 Santa Fe has 110 spaces, a clubhouse, a pool, a hot tub, and a laundry. Everything we could want. The sites are large. We have our motor home, our boat and our truck parked here with room to spare. They are pet friendly which is really important. Those of us with pets are in the back of the park with easy access to the street behind the park for walking the girls. IMG_7994 Lots of rabbits for them to chase.

The people are friendly. Most of them are snowbirds and I don’t consider myself a snowbird. My definition of a snowbird is someone who spends six months here in AZ and six months back in their home state in their house there. Anyhow, snowbirds tend to create a community that is a lot like what I left behind when we left the sticks and bricks.

I love the full time life style and also the people we have met who also enjoy this life style. Once again, I need to give you my definition of a full-timer. You live in an RV and spend most of the year exploring the USA. Even though we have this site by the year, we come and go throughout the winter. I guess what I’m trying to say, I don’t want to become “planted” somewhere for several months. At least not yet. I’m sure that will happen as time goes on but hopefully later than sooner.

santa fe2 We are also close to three lakes which is of major importance to Jim. That is why we have a boat here in AZ and one in Montana. He needs to be able to fish and fish often.


  1. Hi Sandie...I didn't realize you had a truck now.....I must have missed a post a while back??? :=( Do you tow it or drive separate?

    Nice looking spot. Arizona is awesome!

    Have a Great Christmas.

    Paul (and Marsha)

  2. Many southern RV parks fill up with snowbirds and that can be a major drawback. We have yet to find one we would want to stay at every winter but we're looking. We want it small, friendly and with lots of amenities. However, we also realize parks like this come with baggage.

  3. Sounds like you have the perfect place for you. We love this park for probably some of the reasons others would hate it. We are all the same but different, eh!?

  4. I agree with your definition. While I don't exactly want community, I like to stay put for a little while rather than constantly be on the move. I hope that a truck camper will allow me to live the life I think I want.

  5. Good definition of a FT'er and snow- birder. Love your Christmas decorations!

  6. Looks like a nice park--big enough but not too big. It could use a little view blocking between sites but you don't get much of that in Arizona since cactus doesn't make a good view block. :)


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