Wednesday, December 8, 2010


After my experience at the race park, I had plans to go to dinner with our friend Paul. He’s moved from Tucson up to Mesa and we figured that since he got to go to dinner with Jim last year when I was in Montana to spend Christmas with my Dad, I’d go out to dinner with him while Jim is in Montana freezing.

los gingos We went to Los Gringos Locos, our favorite Mexican restaurant here in Apache Junction. Great dinner and great company.

Jim’s doctors appointments have gone well. He had five spots on his face that needed to be removed because they were precancerous. All of that fishing he’s done over the years when we didn’t know we had to use sunscreen to protect us. His blood work is good and he’s good to go for another six months.

IMG_1225 The rest of the time he’s been busy visiting with everybody and trying to stay warm. I’ll sure be glad when he gets back tomorrow night. The girls miss him a whole lot; Scooter especially does. She keeps looking for him and doesn’t understand why he isn’t there to take her for her walk when she demands it.

077Skitz is a Mama’s girl so she’s happy with me. However, when I took them for their walk this morning, the garbage truck showed up at the same time and she just totally freaked out. I feel so bad for her because she is afraid of everything.


  1. So glad to hear that Jim had good news from his doctor. That's what we all want to hear!

  2. So glad Jim was able to get everything taken care of. When we are younger, we never think we will get old and have any problems. I too still love the sun but now take a few more cautions than I did even a few years ago.
    Bella has always freaked out with garbage truck. The truck can be down the street but she hears it and if outside runs for the door...get me inside! I too feel sorry for her but it also is so funny.

  3. Two "dates" without Jim. You are living it up. We had a race track in our town. I could have told you how to bet.

    Glad to hear Jim is set to go.

    See you soon.

  4. Good news about Jim. Now to just get hom back home!


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