Friday, December 3, 2010


IMG_7979 We had planned on resting a couple of weeks after covering over 19,000 miles in the last year and those are just the miles on the motor home. Jim was tired of driving and believe it or not, I was tired of sight seeing.

However, since we’ve been back here in Apache Junction we have been on the go constantly. My Aunt, who is 97, fell two days before Thanksgiving and we have been keeping an eye on her, taking her to doctor appointments, picking up medication, and just doing whatever she needs to have done. She is doing great. Stiff and sore but nothing broken which is a blessing.

She had plans for Thanksgiving and no fall was going to stop her. She also had dinner plans with the girls. And Bingo to play and the “horse races” to attend. Age is not going to keep her from doing things.

For Thanksgiving I fixed a turkey breast for Jim and I. We could have gone to the pot luck here at the park but I wanted left overs. We’ve also got me a new smart phone (which is a whole different topic) and a new camera for Jim.

The girls had to be taken to the groomers for baths and nail trims. We needed to find a new Christmas tree because the one we tried to use last year was much too large. And I had forgotten how long it takes to go shopping this time of year in a large city.

DSCN0004 That brings us up to tonight. Jim is asleep in his recliner, I’m working on the blog and watching Monk. The dishes are waiting for me. The Christmas tree is lit. And the girls are doing what they do best – sleeping.


  1. Nice. Sounds like life as usual. Have you figured out your phone yet? What about Jim has he figured out the new camera? I'm sure he'll love it.

  2. I think it's great to stay busy, but a day with nothing to do can be a blessing! :)

  3. Which reminds me, I must do my nails - NOW!

  4. Isn't it amazing how fast life in the slow lane actually is?

  5. Can't believe you are tired of sightseeing! I've always thought of you as the Queen of Sightseeing!

  6. I have a new phone too! I call it smart but my son says its semi-stupid, but the data plan is cheaper so who cares. I love it! I can do a quick check of email etc with no pc. i just read your blog on it!


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