Thursday, October 15, 2009


The Pentagon Memorial in remembrance of September 11, 2001, is located just southwest of the Pentagon in Arlington, VA. It is a memorial to the 184 people killed in the Pentagon and also those on American Flight 77 (not counting the hijackers on board the plane).

The memorial is located on the side of the Pentagon where the plane crashed into the building.

To honor the victims, 184 illuminated benches have been arranged according to the victim's ages, from 3 to 71. Each bench is engraved with the name of a victim. The benches representing the victims that were inside the Pentagon are arranged so those reading the names will face the Pentagon's south facade, where the plane hit. Benches dedicated to victims aboard the plane are arranged so that those reading the engraved name will be facing skyward along the path the plane traveled.

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  1. This is a subject I think about quite often. IF I hadn't taken an early retirement I would no doubt have transferred over to the Pentagon for a promotion, and Army Budget Office lost about 14 employees in that tragedy. I would no doubt have been working in that office.

    Thanks for the pictures.


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