Thursday, October 15, 2009


I read about the International Spy Museum and decided Jim and I needed to do their "Spy At Night Experience." It sounded like so much fun. But I was disappointed. I always have a good time doing something new even when I'm disappointed - but I think my expectations were way too high for this one.

First off we had to fight horrible traffic to get into downtown DC. Good thing we left an hour and a half early. We bought our tickets ($22 each) which also included a drink. There were 11 of us in our group and we started off. They have a video of a chief that tells us what our mission is and sends us on our way with a guide. They give you clues to try and figure out how to find the "trigger" that had been stolen. A lot of the time you couldn't understand what "they" were saying - you were supposedly listening in on phone calls and watching security tapes. Rather dorky.

You were also supposed to work as a team - which if you had gone with a group of people that you knew might have been a lot more fun. Being with strangers - nobody wanted to work together so when we were trying to put fuses into boxes it was total chaos.

Not something I would do again. However, the museum itself is worth a visit.

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