Thursday, October 22, 2009


I've always thought that Janet and Helen live in one of the most beautiful spots on earth. They live at the top of Bent Mountain on 235 acres. They've always loved horses and dogs and currently have five horses, two boarding horses and five dogs - four of which are rescues. One of the horses is also a rescue.

While we were visiting we got to go with Janet to feed the horses. What an experience that was. The horses were out in the fields grazing. When we got to the barn Janet rang the dinner bell and the horses came flying over the hills towards the barn. It was beautiful to watch them.

But they weren't originally too happy about Jim and I being there. They eventually got used to us and we opened the stalls for them to enter. They each know which stall they belong in and trot in so nicely. After they're fed, they each got a carrot for a treat and I got to give it to them. How fun. (Can you tell I'm a city girl?) Then Janet and Jim put out hay and we turned them loose to enjoy the hay and then go back out into the fields.

I don't know for sure how many cats she has but they sure keep the mice population under control.

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  1. What a beautiful area! You must have really enjoyed your visit there.


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