Sunday, October 4, 2009


We only got to spend one night in Gettysburg so we wanted a special place for dinner. And we found it at the Dobbin House Tavern. The house was built n 1776 for Alexander Dobbin and his wife. They had ten children before Isabella died in 1800. Alexander then married Mary Agnew who had nine children so there were 19 children living in this house.

The house stands now almost exactly as it did over 200 years ago. In the middle 1800's the Dobbin House was used as a Way Station for hiding runaway slaves. During the civil way it was used as a hospital for both union and confederate soldiers. After the war it became a tavern.

The Colonial Bar was built in 1818.


  1. Hi Guys! Just checked your site for the first time. Great pictures! Thanks for posting. DH and I will have to visit there goes on our "gotta visit, gotta see" list. Where you ate looks like a great spot too....Safe travels and enjoy life!

  2. DH and I will have to go to the Dobbins House Tavern!!


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