Saturday, October 10, 2009


When we were at the Cherry Hill Campground in Maryland, we woke up one morning to smoke and firetrucks. One of the RV's in the campground caught on fire. It wasn't near us but it was still very scary. The fire department responded instantly with six fire trucks mostly trying to protect the RV's near this one. You could really hear the propane and gas tanks exploding.

No one was in the RV and no one got hurt. But there sure isn't much for these people salvage.


  1. We were at Cherry Hill about a month ago and it's a very nice, albeit, crowded campground. Our son lives about a mile away and he sent us the article about the RV fire. Glad that you were not affected. Read your posts on the Escapee forum for 2009 class. Good and safe travels.

  2. I'm glad no one else had a problem. What a scary thing to have happen. Stay safe.

  3. Oh how awful!!! That has to be my worst nightmare as a fulltimer. Fire is frightening. I am glad no other rig was involved.
    Travel safely,
    Gerri and Mike (happytrails)

  4. That is as scary as it comes, we have 4 fire extinguishers between the toad and the RV, and I still worry. By the way, I have fished here at Marina Bay RV Resort, however I have not caught anything. Probably my own fault. Tell Jim that I have no salt water or brackish water experience and I used fresh water artificial lures on a light rod. The other people here tell me that flounder, reds and shad will bite on shrimp. Porter


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