Sunday, October 19, 2014

Virginia is for Lovers

Still Raining and Miserable

That is the state slogan and Virginia wants to prove that "love is at the heart of every Virginia vacation" in a big way by having giant "LOVE" artworks pop up  across Virginia.

It’s really hard to do any sight seeing when it’s pouring rain so we decided to head to Lynchburg for lunch.

This LOVE artwork in Lynchburg shows activities that can be enjoyed in that city. The L features shoe cut-outs for walking/hiking; the O has children's bicycle wheels to represent biking in the area; the V has canoe paddles attached; and the E features skateboard wheels.


DSCN0158The Craddock Terry Hotel is by far the best hotel in Lynchburg. The building is a re-purposed shoe factory located on the edge of Lynchburg's industrial area near the James River. The shoe factory was the largest shoe manufacturer in the United States.


We had lunch at the White Hart Coffee Shop. I wanted some good french fries and found good reviews for this place. The reviews were definitely right on. We split a hamburger and the fries and it was really good.


This place is a college hangout and we found it interesting that the majority of the young people all had Mac computers.

Here’s some Lynchburg history for you.

Lynchburg was the only major city in Virginia that did not fall to the Union before the end of the Civil War.


At one time, Lynchburg had more than 45 tobacco factories. Most of their tobacco was processed into chewing rather than smoking tobacco.



The old Court House. Monument Terrace, 139 steps,was established to recognize Lynchburg citizens who fought and died in the Civil War, Spanish-American War, WWI and WWII, Korea, Vietnam and present day.


Doughboy statue at the base of the Terrace.


Even with the rain the Fall colors are beautiful.



  1. Still not sure why everyone flocks to the east coast for the fall colours. It looks the same on the west coast, really.

  2. The fall colors are really starting to pop. Ours are still patchy here in GA

  3. WOW...someone had their thinking cap on when they designed that Love sign. Pretty cool.
    Thanks for sharing those facts. How interesting. The Civil War fact caught my eye right away. I wonder how they managed to escape being taken over

  4. Love the old factory buildings Sandie! And I am always interested in Civil War trivia...thanks for sharing!

  5. I LOVE the historical facts you post! :c)

  6. Your picture of the fall colors are amazing ... and no, they aren't like the west coast. There are many more and different trees. The west coast has a lot of evergreens thrown in. Gorgeous photo for sure.

  7. Gorgeous fall colors!! Some really interesting buildings and history that you posted. Always enjoy that.

  8. We visited there, but I didn't see all the things you did.

  9. Cool photos, that looks like an interesting area. Some day I'll get out of the west - maybe. You always have photos that make me want to travel east a bit more.

  10. We have some excellent fall colors here in Ontario Canada as well, but will be heading south soon.
    I am not a college student and love my Mac computer, it just works! So easy to use.

  11. That last picture is stunning !

    Now WHEN do you start heading back to the desert !!??? You DO realize you have over 2,000 miles to drive !!

  12. We won't see half the things you guys did.

  13. I can only wonder what the cost of the design of that sign was:)

  14. I'm confused, is it "Virginia is for lovers" or "Still raining and miserable" that is the state slogan... If you stay too long that rain might turn into snow.... Nice blog with neat pictures...


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