Saturday, October 18, 2014

Red Hill

Rain, Rain, Rain, Rain

I really wanted to see where Patrick Henry had lived and was buried. We had a slight break in the weather and decided to check it out. Red Hill is a 45 minute drive from Appomattox and by the time we got half way there the rain was pouring down. We persevered but were not rewarded for our determination.


We arrived at Red Hill and the rain came down even harder. You have to walk from the visitor’s center out to the home and grave site and it just wasn’t happening. Very disappointing but sometimes Mother Nature wins.


Red Hill was named for the color of the soil and the fact that the house is situated on a hill overlooking the valley. Two of Patrick’s 17 children were born here and two of them were married here.


On June 6, 1799, Patrick Henry died at Red Hill and the “Voice of the Revolution” was silenced forever.

I think these are soybean fields, but I thought all the yellow was beautiful.


We were going to go to Bedford to visit the D-Day Memorial. We were there in October 2009 and really wanted to go again because it was such a fantastic experience. However, with the pouring rain we turned around and went back to the campground.

One of the pictures from 2009. Notice how gray and overcast it was then also.



  1. You are right. Sometimes Mother Nature interferes with our plans.

  2. Bummer on the weather, but looks like you are having fun! We are headed for VA now. We will be in the Newport News/Va Beach area visiting with my husbands family. Then its on towards FL for us. Where will you be for the winter?

  3. Mother nature does win but ot is what it is and we make the best of it. Maybe be better next time.

  4. Sure was a gorgeous day here in Amarillo, TX today !!

  5. Rain, yuck! I've been traveling from the North Rim to TX this week and keep hitting rain, on and off, I sat in a parking lot the other day waiting for it to stop and when it didn't I just drove on instead of getting out of the RV and getting wet.

  6. I cannot remember when we last saw rain....maybe back in Rapid City, SD? Sorry you were rained out.


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