Saturday, October 25, 2014

Roanoke Star

Roanoke, VA  High 78  Low 54

For those of you who asked – Aunt Happy was married to my Dad’s brother so she’s not a “blood” relative. However, both my folks lived to 90.

The Roanoke Star was erected in 1949 as a symbol of the progressive spirit of Roanoke, star city of the south.


The star is 88 1/2 feet tall and weights 10,000 lbs. The steel structure holding the star is 100 feet tall and weighs 60,000 lbs. The concrete base weighs 500,000 lbs. The neon tubing used to light the star at night is 2000 feet long and is visible for 60 miles from the air.  This is the world’s largest man-made star and is one huge symbol. 

DSCN0270 Jim is dwarfed by the star. There was a couple taking pictures while we were there who were probably in their late 50’s. The guy was so surprised that Jim could climb up on the wall. Jim told him he might be old but he’s not dead yet. We got a good chuckle out of that.

The views of Roanoke from the star are really incredible.


It was humid and hazy so the pictures aren’t as sharp and clear as I would like. This one is when I was trying out the zoom on my new camera.


We didn’t get any pictures of the star lit at night so I got this one off the web.



  1. That's incredible! What a beacon in the night it is!!

  2. I looked in the picture you too for my brother-in-law's house but couldn't find it. Do you want to zoom in? Did I miss what new camera you bought?

  3. We thought Roanoke was a pretty place.

  4. A new camera huh? What kind did you get. You take such gorgeous pictures.

  5. Roanoke is pretty. We're in VA Beach right now. So glad we got a sunny week!

  6. Of all the times I've been to Roanoke, I've never seen the star. Maybe I need to get my eyes checked?

  7. Pffft, those people in their 50's !! Jim is in such good shape I betcha he'd out do them in a blink !

  8. Carrie went to Virginia Tech just down the road from Roanoke, and we never saw that star.

  9. Nice twin spire church in the photo from the Star.

  10. I had an enjoyable online visit with your family and loved seeing the dogs.


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