Friday, October 17, 2014

Appomattox Part 2

Appomattox, VA – Still raining and miserable

There was too much information about Appomattox to put it all in one post.

This is the grave of Lafayette Meeks who died in 1861 while serving in "H" Company, second VA Cavalry of the Confederate Army when he died from typhoid fever. The gravestone reads that he served in the Battle of Manassas. He is buried at Appomattox Court House.


This young man portrayed Henry Coleman, a 22 year-old Confederate soldier who lived in the village of Appomattox Court House. He was one of nine men left in his company at the surrender.


He was a wonderful story teller describing his life in Virginia and his participation in the surrender.

The Confederate Cemetery

Buried here are nineteen men (out of about 100) killed during the last two days of war in Virginia. These men were buried where they died but in 1866, the Ladies Memorial Association of Appomattox collected the eighteen Confederate bodies for reburial. The nineteenth man was a Union soldier who was later found nearby and reburied here.



 The Appomattox Court House/Visitor Center




Wagons along the stage road that Lee traveled to the surrender.


IMG_20141013_114034_668 General George A. Custer - This guy sure did get around. Not only was he at Appomattox, he also fought at Gettysburg and then died at the Battle of the Little Big Horn in Montana.



The Virginia countryside.



  1. I've always wanted to go to Appomattox, but have not gotten there (yet). So many battlefields, so little time. ;c)

  2. What are you still doing all the way EAST in Virginia !!?? Shouldn't you be heading WEST now to AJ ??

  3. I would like to find a good book on General George A. Custer. I think he is one of most interesting men in history.

  4. No amount of reading about something can compare to walking in the footsteps of these people.


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