Thursday, August 11, 2011


Life is sure looking up for us. First there was Steve and Carol. Then Jan and Bill. I am so happy.

IMG_2651 Jan and Bill pulled in last Sunday and stayed at the Billings Trailer Village. They came over for dinner Sunday night and we had our first meal in our new to us rig.




On Monday I get a phone call from Tina. She and Woody are in town, can we get together for lunch? Party time!!!! I get hold of Jan and Bill and Judy and Gary and tell them to meet us at Salad Creations at 12:30. Let the party begin.

Jan and Bill are headed towards Wyoming to explore that state before going to Escapade in Gillette.

IMG_2656Judy and Gary are still working on retiring and getting rid of stuff so they can join the full time crowd. They, too, are going to Escapade.




IMG_2658 Tina and Woody – well they’re story is not so happy. They had a blow out on their fifth wheel and lost their sewer cap and fender. They were fine and able to get the rig off the road so nobody got hurt. Thank goodness. And yes, they do have a Pressure Pro tire monitor. It went off after the tire blew. Something is really wrong there that needs to be checked out. They have a son who lives in Laurel so they do have a place to stay while the rig is being repaired. They are also headed to Escapade (if they can get the rig fixed in time). Those of you who have followed my blog for a long time know that Tina is the person responsible for Jim and I becoming full-timers and I will always love her for that.

We had a wonderful lunch and are certainly looking forward to meeting up with everybody again at Escapade.

Monday night we went to Jan and Bill’s for hamburgers on the grill. Just nothing like a burger. Jim was able to help them install a new vent and a couple of other things. In fact, at one point, Jim and Jan disappeared into the bedroom and left Bill and I outside. Now what’s up with that?

Salad Creations is one of our favorite restaurants here in Billings. They make the freshest salads. You can pick one of theirs or make up your own with whatever you want in your salad. They also make the salads into wraps. Just wonderful.

So sad when Jan and Bill left town but more visitors are on the way. So much fun.


  1. We'll not be headed for Escapade this year, haven't gone for several years. We did enjoy the ones we attended, so maybe we can be there with you guys, at least in spirit!

  2. sounds like a 'food filled good time'!!!

  3. What fun! It's so nice to meet up with other RVers. I love restaurants where I can make my own salad from fresh ingredients. :)

  4. If you do this full-time, how do you get mail? Or maybe you don't WANT any? LOL ~Liz

  5. Everyone is grouping. Won't someone group with us. Well Sue and Doug will be here next weekend.

  6. All these visits from friends sound great. No time to even think about the lottery. :)

  7. Your life is just one BIG party after another! So happy for you and all your friends. You waited a long time to have this kind of fun! Enjoy!

  8. I'm glad you're finally able to meet up with people and all your time isn't spent moving from one unit to another. Party, party ... that's what it should be all about.


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