Tuesday, August 9, 2011


We have spent so much time sitting in our son’s driveway and then life started to happen again and I’ve gotten behind on the blog because we’ve been so busy.

IMG_2543 And it hasn’t all been that horrible moving stuff. The last week-end of July, Carol and Steve arrived in town. They camped at Cabela’s while they were here. I was so glad to see them. It seems like it’s been forever since we’ve been able to spend time with people who really understand the full time lifestyle because they are currently living it.IMG_2540

We gave them a tour of Billings and took them up on the Rims so they could see our fair city spread out below them.



This is downtown Billings – the two tall buildings that you see. Off in the distance is Sacrifice Cliff. It was hot and hazy so the pictures didn’t turn out very good.

We also took them out to Pompey’s Pillar. We picked the hottest day of the summer which was not very smart. But Carol wasn’t about to be deterred by the heat. IMG_2546 Those signs that are posted on the barricade state, no entry because of flood damage. But the water has receded back to normal levels and I’m surprised they still have these up.

IMG_2548 This is Carol climbing up to William Clark’s signature. The rest of us knew we couldn’t make it.

IMG_2545 Jim and Steve sat at the bottom of the stairway having themselves a great chat. I was getting eaten alive by mosquitoes, so I headed back to the visitor’s center.

IMG_2552 On my way back to the center, this little one was making such a racket. I had no idea what was wrong. But Carol and the guys stopped to check it out because it was still carrying on when they came along about 20 minutes later. There was a rattle snake behind the air conditioner and she had a nest near by. They reported it to the Ranger and the snake removal patrol headed out immediately.

It was a fantastic two days and I really needed this break in my life. Thanks guys for stopping by on your way through.


  1. Don't like snakes and don't like heat. Glad you had a great time with Steve and Carol.

  2. snakes?..ewww..heat ok..mosquitos?..got 'em here too!..nice that you got to take a break from all the moving to visit with your friends!!!

  3. I've only seen one rattle snake in the "wild" in my life, and that was a very small one in my garage last summer. I did him in with a shovel. Any other kind would have been relocated.

  4. Good for that persistant little bird to bring that danger to your attention & good for you folks in reporting it.

  5. We had a great time with Carol and Steve the few hours we were together. What a great couple! Glad you took a break from your moving!
    So glad you published the pictures of the new 5th wheel. It looks lovely. Is that a HD TV? What a great picture you are going to see. We wish you all the best with your new home.

  6. It's always fun to do some touring with friends. :)

  7. Smart little bird! Hope the nest is okay now. ~Liz

  8. It's good to see Steve and Carol again even if I had to do it remotely. I'm glad you got to do it face to face.

  9. I'm glad that had a great time visiting with and sightseeing with friends, despite the rattlesnake, heat, and those pesky mosquitoes.

    that's all there is to it.
    Thanks for the most wonderful weekend ever, you guys. We love your town, but hate the traffic patterns. It would have been okay if my MAPS worked on my HTC Inspire, but it doesn't. Hope to see you guys again real soon. We miss you already. Sandie, your blog is wonderful and I am finally getting going. Was it you who told me to use WORDPRESS?? maybe jeri W?
    steve and carol


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