Sunday, August 21, 2011


Jim has been busy (extremely busy) installing our macerator, IMG_2732


his new battery box, IMG_2731


figuring out where to put his tools, and getting everything done that is on my honey do list.

Speaking of tools – we had a big OOPS. When the fifth wheel was in the storage lot, it was really hot. Jim hooked up the generator so we could have some air while we were working inside. His big toolbox was sitting too close to the generator and it melted. (I should have taken a picture but I didn’t.) We bought him a new toolbox (metal this time) and he was able to salvage most of his tools. Some of the items (I have no idea what they are) had the plastic melted all over them but not too many. He got most of the tools moved into the new box.

The next day Jim noticed that the melted tool chest was missing. That’s right – somebody had stolen it. They also took our new gas can with the gas in it (this was the most valuable thing they took). The biggest thing that was taken in the tool box was his test light, and some bolts and screws. What is ironic or wonderful is that also sitting outside was a smaller tool box with lots of good stuff in it that they didn’t take.

And what have the girls been doing while Dad’s outside working so hard?

skitz3 Skittlez has been building her nest and doing her usual begging. In the motorhome she had the nest under the dash at my feet. In the fifth wheel she picked the corner behind Jim’s chair. She started pulling blankets in there but was having trouble getting them into that small space so I had to help her out.

Sharing lunch with Dad skitz1


Relaxing with Mom IMG_2672

IMG_2730 Scooter works hard at enjoying the nest that Skittlez built, gets her daily dose of sunshine, and makes sure she’s nearby when Skitz is begging.




As for me, I’ve been enjoying blogs and hunting for fish stuff.IMG_2756


  1. Dogs are just the most bestest Pals of ever:)))))

  2. I can't believe someone would steal your tool box!! How sad!! On a brighter note I am glad you were able to salvage most of the tools from the melt down.
    Your doggies look just like ours! In fact I have pictures tonight on our blog of them sleeping just like yours. Definitely the dog days of summer!!

  3. Sorry to hear that you had some things stolen, but guess it could have been worse. It just really ticks me off when someone steals something from others. Love the doggy photos - looks like they are settling in just fine.

  4. How does Jim get his plate to hang in the air like that?? :)

  5. Let's just send those thieves my favorite Carnac curse..."CARNAC: May a weird holy man drop a cactus down your shorts." That'll teach 'em!

  6. What precious friends, and just the right size for sharing lunch! A home is not a home without pets. ~Liz

  7. Aren't they the cutest things when they are nesting. Luci is so serious, has her special place in the rv and here at home.

  8. It's stories like that that make me want our new Alfa at home! I'd rather risk a tree branch than be insulted by a petty thief or vandal.

  9. Too bad about the thief but at least he didn't get the good stuff.

    Great pics of the pooches!

  10. I guess we've been lucky that we haven't run into any thieves yet. Looks like you're settling into your new home and the puppies are too. I can hardly wait to see it.

  11. What the heck goes through people's minds when they have to steal? This make me very upset! The kids look like they are making the adjustments just fine. Enjoy the ride.

  12. Out cats love the spot behind the recliner in our fifth wheel. Your moving day has given me some incentive to pull everything out of our storage areas and reorganize when we get to Arizona. After two years of full-timing it is time to get rid of stuff we have not used at all so we can buy more. I keep forgetting to mention that you might consider an auxiliary fuel tank in the truck bed, ever since we got one we have never filled up when hooked up and we don't even have a boat.

  13. Amazing that they would steal a melted tool chest??

  14. Good morning Sandie.....sorry for the thief culprit......but you do have those pups to brighten you day....each and every day. THEY are the bee's knees!!


  15. Unbelievable that stuff like that gets stolen. Your dogs are cute and you have great pics of them!

  16. I love your dogs! It's so cute when they make a bed for themselves. Interesting to see where they pick to make the bed.

    Pretty sad when someone steals stuff like that. Karma, karma, karma.


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