Sunday, August 28, 2011


We planned to leave Mountain View RV Park in Sundance, WY at 7:30 Friday morning. We wanted to give the Walmart/FlyingJ parkers a chance to get checked in and parked before we arrived.

We actually left the RV park at 7:38. I think that’s pretty darn good to have six rigs ready to go at the given time. Especially when one of those rigs is ours.

I didn’t get any pictures of our convoy but John and Karen did an excellent job of leading the way. We got to the Cam-Plex about 9:00 and were parked and set up as a group by 9:45.

The parking crew does a great job but I do have two complaints that I’m going to put on my feedback form. 1. Early arrivals are parked at the back of the park. When we’re paying for the extra days, I think we should be parked up at closest spots to the event center. 2. Because we came in as a group they didn’t park us like everyone else. Everyone else is parked in every other site, but we are all crammed into each site which puts us really close. We like each other but it sure would be nice to have the additional room when we want to sit outside. These are not major issues, but I would like an explanation as to why it was done that way.

IMG_2769 Several people in our group had signed up for either Boot Camp or Computer Re-Boot Camp. Both of these started at noon on Friday. Jim and I are just here for the socializing. We got to dog sit for Judy and Gary’s Lucy. Scooter’s nose was bent out of shape for a little while but everybody settled down and we had a good day.

We had a happy hour for those who were around. People were really like the computer class. Boot Camp went until 6:45 and seems to be well received by newbies.

Jim and Jan


John and Bill


Karen, Jan and John


I’ve been taking pictures of clouds, trying to use some of the info that Al has given us. But I really don’t have that “eye” that he does.



Saturday night, Jim, John and Bill went to the local race track for the stock car races. It’s not far from the Cam-Plex and those of us who stayed home could hear the cars going around and around. While Jim was at the race, I watched the NASCAR race on TV so I could be sure and tell him about it when he got home.

Having a great time. Sunday, Escapade actually begins. More good times to follow.


  1. Looks like you are settling in to the Rally and having fun with your friends.

    Your cloud photo looks great to me!

  2. have fun with your convoy of peeps!!..Lucy is a cutie!..and as for parking you all close together?..oh least you don't have far to go when it's time to head to bed!

  3. Who said the early bird gets the worm? Evidently, they forgot to tell those that have been parking yo at Escapade. Next time you'll know to show up late so you can get parked in front.

    Glad you're finally on the road again and having a great time!

  4. I wonder if they'll fill in those other spots later? They usually have too many people to leave them empty. I know the year we went to Escapade at CamPlex we were a fill-in rig. You might wind up happy that they did't space you out more.

  5. Sounds like a fun time! I so agree with your minor doesn't make sense. Be sure to let us know what they say when you ask about it.
    Love clouds...nice pics!

  6. Cropping the image is often a very good start.

    Find the treasure within a larger image.

  7. Have fun you two. Hi to Jan and Bill.

  8. Sounds like a fun time with a neat group!


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