Saturday, August 27, 2011


We finally got out of town on Wednesday about 2:00 p.m. Lots of small things that needed to be taken care of before we could leave town.

Remember when we returned to Montana last June and how green everything was? Well this is what it looks like now:IMG_2759

And this is why Montana is now burning up. The only good thing about it, is that the fires are lightning fires not man made.

We went 160 miles to Lake De Smet, WY. We stayed here on our way back to Montana from Arizona and just love this park. However, some people had taken over our lake front site. Darn them. But we were just spending the night and this is what our site looked like. IMG_2761

IMG_2760 I talked to the Ranger the next morning and he told me that last year they had $1500 in use fees (camping is $10 – no hookups) and so far this year they have over $15,000. They’ve been making some major upgrades to the camping sites and plan to put in some electric for next year. Probably a really busy place on week-ends but during the week just perfect.

I need to confess something. I don’t do well after sitting in one place for very long. I forget important things. Like when we were supposed to leave town. I do all of the navigating and Jim just goes when and where I tell him to go. Somehow, I got my days all messed up.

As we’re toolin’ down the road, I get a call from the RV park in Sundance, WY where we’re going to spend Thursday and Friday night before we go to Gillette to Escapade. No problem – we’re only about 150 miles from them the next morning when we head out. But!! We were supposed to be there Wednesday and Thursday nights. It is almost 6:30 and there is no way we’re going another 150 miles. So I apologize profusely and the park owner is really gracious about it. I also got a call from Jan wanting to know where we were and I had to admit to her I messed up on the days. This getting old is for the birds.

Thursday morning we head to Sundance. It was a nice easy drive. I really like Wyoming because they have many parking areas that are just perfect for letting the girls (all three of us) make a bathroom stop and get a drink of water.

We get set up at the Mountain View Campground and the place is packed. Everybody is on their way to Escapade in Gillette. This is where we are meeting up with the rest of the group that we are going to park with in Gillette. We all need to arrive together and will caravan to the Camp-plex. We have six rigs traveling together.

IMG_2768 Jan and Bill

IMG_2765 This is Karen (who travels with John) and Don (who travels with Faye).

Bobbie and Vern – didn’t get a picture of them at all.

IMG_2764 This is Jan and Faye

IMG_2766 Me on the phone, John and Karen, and Don.

I didn’t get pictures of couples because at our happy hour everybody took turns sitting wherever and visiting. So these are what I took.

We heard that a storm was going through Gillette. Our sky got dark and the wind picked up but it blew right on past us. IMG_2763

Tomorrow on to Gillette and I’m back on the right time schedule.


  1. Sometimes those mix ups happen with what day it is! Glad things worked out okay. I look forward to hearing about the Escapade. :)

  2. have fun at the rally!..once you get there!!!

  3. When you start forgetting what day it is, you have arrived at the perfect vacation/retirement frame of mind.

  4. Some days I take a look at the newspaper to see what day it is. The weeks just fly by and I catch myself thinking it is Wednesday when it is Thursday. I have to put the trash out to the curb on Thursdays!

    If it is in the evening, I'm usually on my laptop and I just look in the right top corner, but I do have to look once in a while! :`)

  5. I think those mix ups happen to us least that's my excuse!
    Looks like you are with a fun group so you guys travel safely and have a great time!!

  6. Love that last picture. I can almost FEEL the sky! ~Liz

  7. Good thing we can have a sense of humor about our forgetfulness! Hope you have a wonderful time at Escapade. Looking forward to pictures.

  8. Not knowing what day it is happens to us more much more frequently now that we are retired. Have a great time at the rally and spending time with your friends!

  9. Have a wonderful time at the rally. Especially have a SUPER time with your friends!

  10. I think a campground mix-up is allowed once in a while! How rude of those people to take your site!

  11. My clock is good for retirees. It not only tells me the time, it tells me the date and the day of the week. Plus the moon phase and the inside temperature but those last two are just bonus features. :)

  12. Must be great to have a guy who goes when and where you tell him to go!


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